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Candle Snuffer Collection

Words / Phaedrus Lam
Illustration / Furze Chan
Translation / Ian Tsang



上面這個名為「Candle Snuffer Collection」的滅燭器系列,是OTHR與Pablo Alabau、Vera and Kyte和Studio Yonoh等三個設計單位合作的新產品,其分別命名為「Halcyon」,「Apex」和「Ocaso」,材質使用無光黑鋼,打造成幾何形狀的輪廓,並擁有極其工整的切割線;在家居功能以外,也被賦予了雕塑作品般的美態。

Thanks to 3D printing’s remarkable development, new technologies have not only benefited the design sector by creating advantages in production cost, as well as in moulding and fine adjustments, but also overhauled the commercial production mode at the same time. A case in point is OTHR, a newly established company.

OTHR principally makes uses of 3D printing technology in its production. Last year, OTHR collaborated with twelve New York designers for the New York Design Week in printing a series of household products under OTHR, thereby helping the brand establish a reputation in its infancy. Rather than taking on the role of a traditional manufacturer, OTHR utilizes the convenience and efficiency of 3D printing technology, without relying on mass production. Whenever it receives an order from a client, it will immediately manufacture the item and embed it with a unique number. After striking a balance between environmental impact and cost, it still manages to offer its customers an exquisite experience rivaling that of tailor-made products.

Shown above is the newly released “Candle Snuffer Collection” jointly developed by OTHR and three design units, namely Pablo Alabau, Vera and Kyte, and Studio Yonoh, giving birth espectively to “Halycon”, “Apex” and “Ocaso”. Printed by dull black steel, they boast a geometric shape as well as extremely neat cutting lines. On top of their functionality as household products, they have been given an aesthetic beauty rivaling that of sculptures.