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Percy Lau SS16

Seeing does not make it the truth.

Words / Jas Tse
Photography / Kimio Ng
Translation / Joyce Tsang

不為看見什麼,因為眼看不夠真實 —— 她的設計讓人有這種感覺;世界給予她的這種感覺。


配戴著褐紅、普魯士藍、茶色濾鏡看平常之物,色相變調了,在雙重鏡片下要更留神看清,人在失去安全感以後會拚命抓緊腳邊的一點什麼、某一個支撐點,因為怕失去方寸。大概像夢遊,搗碎了的片段,空間不自覺傾斜,陷入恐慌的這時如果能叫醒自己就好。所有事都源於害怕,曾經有過太多時候,思考什麼是正確的想法與做法,怕一踏步就踐進不應到達之地,卻要一路走下去再也回不去。溜掉可能精彩的時刻,為著不同的可能性而踱步,這種矛盾像極雙魚性格,而剛好她是。曾經介紹過這位年輕眼鏡設計師Percy Lau,帶著劍走偏鋒的設計趣味,這些人泰半有種獨特氣質,有些特別含蓄,有些則瘋狂外放。


It is not about what one can see, because seeing does not make it the truth. This is the feeling that her design gives to people, because this is the feeling that the world gives to her.

We always give only a passing glance at things, without sparing a moment to look at the small things in life. This makes everything become superficial, and it gives our thoughtless life the power to transform precious time into a plane, which is as delicate as paper.

Things which are seen through the lens of burgundy, Prussian blue and brown are not only filtered with the color, but the double lenses also demand for more focus. When a person loses their sense of security, they seize onto whatever that is beside their feet, so they can find an anchor point, for the fear of losing direction. It’s probably like the act of sleepwalking, where memories become fragmented, and the space unconsciously becomes tilted. It would be best to be able to wake yourself up in such a state of fear. Everything derives from fear. Too much time has been used to think about what is the right way to think, and the right way to act. People are afraid to step into the wrong path, the path which forces you to keep going into regret. You might have missed the most exciting moments, in order to seek for the different possibilities, and this sort of dilemma resembles the character of a Pisces – which happens to be her star sign. We have once introduced this young glasses designer Percy Lau, who creates sharp and interesting designs. The people with such an unique ability always are divided into two types: some are veiled, and some are crazily loud.

Each step that we take beneath our breath can all be an amazing step, only if you open your heart and let it see, then you can be very close to it.

All Glasses from Cell Collection of Percy Lau SS16
Background images from “The Next Best Thing to Loving You” by Jeff Hahn