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Tang Ho Lun ‘36’

The similarity by nature that bridges everything together.

Words / Jas Tse
Photography / Kimio Ng
Translation / Iris Heung


He was standing at the other end, observing the subtle changes in consciousness. There were some lights sparkling somewhere at a hidden place, which could not be seen until they began to burn.


He was enchanted by this fascinating stretch of golden color shining among the woods, but he simply stood afar, without drawing nearer after a long time.


時間帶回那個少年,「讀書的時候,我常坐在門口旁,或窗的旁邊。門口外面是球場,球場外圍就是校園以外的地方。你會幻想到的是,一到下雨天整個球場就會濕透,和那些圍著的樹啊,感覺是我可以看著那個畫面一整天。當時有點覺得『 為什麼我會坐在這裡?』外面天氣很好的時候,就算課室裡在做什麼,你也不會聽進耳內。」


“Where did you sit in the classroom when you were a student? How was the classroom like?”

Retrieving his teenage memory, he said, “As a student, I usually sat next to the door or by the window. Outside of the door was a basketball court, which marked the boundary between campus and the outside world. Sometimes the court being soaked with rain. Together with the trees outside, it could be such a beautiful view that I could look at for the whole day. I would ask myself, ‘What am I doing here?” When the weather was so pleasant, it was impossible to listen to what the teacher said even if you were physically inside of the classroom.

“Why am I here?” “I should be outside.”



The images of trees keep lingering, they never cease to provoke his curiosity. “Whenever I look at them from afar, I have this extraordinarily calm feeling. This is a rural space next to where I work.”

There was one time when he finally walked closer to the woods. Then he discovered this seemingly calm piece of greenery would be glittering once you stepped inside. The leaves were glowing gently like seaweed in deep water, reflecting graceful light. “Why are the trees glowing?” It is a magical moment that changes as soon as the light moves. The image is constantly evolving and never confined. Such a moment prompted him to keep pressing the shutter button and ended up consuming a couple of film rolls. The action seemed unconscious, but every single picture was done in such precision that gave him the urge to binding them into a book.



The book title 36 represents the number of frames in a typical film roll. The book follows the steps of Tang from the first frame until the very last one without editing. “I used to select the better frames from a roll, but I have decided to do it differently this time.” Some of the images look quite alike, but the resemblance is simply led by nature. This is a flow of images created as a result of uncertainties overwriting one another.

Language seems to have lost its importance in the face of nature, but sometimes I cannot stop wondering how would he express his thoughts through language. In the book, there are random mumblings scattering on some of the pages. Those are the thoughts that happened right at the moment but totally disconnected from the past and the future. “It’s impossible for me to write something like that now, even if you make me to.”



Pull open the bellow of an accordion, cotton fallen from the tree formed a path of consciousness that leads one into limbo. Some people are destined to be attracted by something, it is the similarity by nature that bridges everything together. There are some people in your life that you would never forget. Once you are connected to the one or the thing in your destiny, lights will be shed on your consciousness.

“Sometimes I would think the reason you are able to depart from a certain position is that it is at first place where you belong to. You have elsewhere to be, so you can be free from distraction and dedicate your mind to a state of tranquility.”




這次新書首發,《36》書的展覽將在A Beautiful Store舉行,展覽也是書的一部分。「我只想營造一個適合看這本書的氣氛,一個適當的moment就可以了。我比較期望看到,那是我世界的一個房間。」而它將要在你面前展開。

“I tend to be led by things from nature. The images that strike me are always temporary moments, like the temporary state of light, which is also related to nature.”

He simply delves into the world and let himself be absorbed.

The famous writer Jiang Xun once said, “Life is the most beautiful thing that ever exists.” I am often moved by some unexplainable and hidden emotion that can be easily missed out, I adore the moment when it is finally recognized.

Tang’s new book 36 will be launched in A Beautiful Store. This exhibition is, in fact, part of the whole reading experience. “I want to construct a vibe that matches the perfect environment for reading my book. All I need is a parallel moment. I wish to see it becoming a room of my world.” This room is now here for you to explore.


2019.5.18 (Sat) – 6.2 (Sun)
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