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The beauty of brushes


Words / Phaedrus Lam
Illustration / Furze Chan
Translation / Ian Tsang


始創自1934年,創辦人Friedrich Redecker幼時因為眼疾,在傷健學校裡練習製作傳統刷具的技藝,及後創立了Redecker這個品牌,其以傳統而多樣的刷子款式,以針對不同情景的清潔用途而聞名;而經過半甲子的歷練,品牌一直承傳下來,更成為德國境內家傳戶曉的名字。

畫面上全是Redecker推出的刷子,其款式極為多樣,而細心研讀它們的功能時,更會因為品牌的刁鑽程度而大吃一驚。像排在最中間棕色刷毛的是「Flowerpot Brush」,刷毛的形狀正好對應一般花瓶上闊下窄的設計;另外像左上的「Leaves Brush」,手把的開合設計,就能讓你穩當地夾住大塊葉片,以作園藝修飾的用途;而就算是再冷門的,像是洗刷蔬菜、蘑菇等也都會有專屬的刷子供選購,分劃得極其仔細。而誠然,在工業產品雄踞的世代,標謗一物多用的工具可謂不勝枚舉。然而正因如此,反倒會顯得單一用途的工具的美好;最純粹的用途、也最容易令人感到安心。

It is said that everyone is a master in his or her special field. Especially for a person like me who is addicted to classifying things, the process of closely classifying tools for various household tasks adds immense joy to daily life. Recently, I have bought myself a few new pairs of leather shoes, so it is high time I picked a suitable small shoe brush. After a painstaking search on the Internet, I finally found this long-standing brand called Redecker. This discovery has brightened my mood for quite some time.

This brand was founded by Friedrich Redecker in 1934. Since he was suffering from eye diseases during his childhood, he went to a school for special needs in which he learned the craft of making traditional brushes. Later on, he established the brand Redecker, which is known for its lineup of a wide range of traditional brushes suited for various cleaning purposes. Through 30 years of practice and experience, the brand has been passed on to the next generations and even become a household name in Germany.

Shown here are all brushes released by Redecker, which are of an extremely wide variety. If you read closely on their specific functions, you will be surprised by how particular this brand is with brushes. For example, the brown one right in the middle is a “flowerpot brush”, whose bristles takes on a shape fit for use a with regular flower pots which have a wide top and a narrow bottom. Separately, the “leaves brush” on the upper left is designed with handle grips that allows you to hold large leaves firmly for decorative purposes in gardening. They even have specific brushes for such rare purposes as brushing clean vegetables and mushrooms, all for extremely specific uses. Certainly, in this age dominated by industrial products, there are countless tools available out there advertised as being able to serve multiple purposes. However, this is the very reason that highlights the beauty of tools for only one specific use. Uses in their purest form prove the easiest in setting one’s mind at ease.