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Twinkle Twinkle Little Guys

Kila Cheung

Words / Phaedrus Lam
Translation / Ian Tsang


「Twinkle Twinkle Little Guys」是香港插畫家Kila Cheung的企劃,其以道路警示燈為媒介繪畫,在為期三十天內走訪大小街區並默默地置下警示燈。它們之中有刺龍刺鳳的「小大佬」;有戲仿英女王的「小事頭婆」;有神壇上走入凡間的「小關公」和「小娘娘」;也有平凡人如白領上班族「小塵」;穿潮牌T-shirt的少年「小Super me」—— 其造型個個可愛,而且總是以「小」為名,拉近了與社區、行人與作品之間的距離,使碰巧遇上它們的人會心一笑。

「Twinkle Twinkle Little Guys」的三十天企劃現已結束,不過感興趣的讀者仍可連上Kila Cheung的臉書專頁搜看每個Little Guys的地區情報,或許某天能有機會野生捕獲它們。

Flashing warning lights by the roadside make the streets at night look especially lonely and desolate. However, an illustrator had a flash of inspiration to draw faces and attire on warning lights and hide them, as a surprise, on various lanes and streets in town so as to bring a bit of warmth to those on their way home at night.

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Guys” is a campaign launched by Kila Cheung, a Hong Kong-based illustrator. The campaign made use of warning light as the medium for drawings, and within the span of 30 days, these warning lights were quietly placed in various districts, big and small, across the city. Among them are the heavily tattooed “Little Boss”; “Little Lady Boss”, a parody of the Queen of the United Kingdom; “Little Duke Guan”, who has jumped out of the altar and entered the mortal world; and “Little Empress” as well as regular guys like “Little Dust”, a white-collar employee and “Little Super me”, who wears trendy T-shirt. All of them have cute appearance and given a name beginning with “little”. They have narrowed the gap between communities, pedestrians and artworks by bringing an understanding smile to those who stumbled upon them.

The 30-day campaign of Twinkle Twinkle Little Guys is already over, but interested readers can still access Kila Cheung’s Facebook page to search for the district information of every Little Guy. Perhaps one day you will have the chance to catch them in the wild.