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Folk craft since 1921

Words / Phaedrus Lam
Illustration / Furze Chan
Translation / Iris Heung




What comes to mind when talking about the local produce from Nara Prefecture? Thanks to the fame of the shop Nakagawa Masashichi, the hemp fabric handicraft which has a long history of production in the region seems to be a synonym to the prefecture’s famous local produce.

The Yoshida family has been producing linen crafts since 1921. Despite a shorter history than Nakagawa Masashichi, Yoshida is also a key representative of this local folk craft. They produce day-to-day dishcloth out from linen fabric that is normally used for making mosquito netting curtains. Such material offers great absorbency and cleaning power, its quick drying property also allows easy cleaning that makes it a very durable household item.

The dishcloth comes with more than twenty types of dyed colors. The green color alone offers different shades such as Matcha-green, olive-green and moss-green. The one we featured is the pure white cloth, for the sheer pleasure of seeing the soiled clothes returning to shining white again just by running it under clean water.