Kasumigaoka Coffee

Regular customers welcomed


「粉紅粉紅的,很可愛呢。」我們喝著咖啡,吃著Chocolate Terrin時,坐在我們對面的男人,與咖啡店的老闆娘談起家裡的檸檬樹。他說,每年開花時便期待結果,但結果時,不愛檸檬的家人都感困擾,所以他總把一箱箱檸檬送到這裡來,讓老闆娘泡泡店裡供應的檸檬水。




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“This pink color just looks so adorable.” We were enjoying a coffee with chocolate terrine when we heard the man opposite to us talking to the cafe owner about his homegrown lemon tree. He said he was always looking forward to seeing the tree blossom, but his family was not a fan of lemon, so they were not particularly happy about getting the harvest. He would always end up bringing boxes of lemon to the cafe for them to make lemonade.

On the other side of the long table was a lady in her fifties wearing a black floral dress. After checking the time, she instantly packed her notebook and her novel in a rush. Seeing this, the cafe owner asked her, “Oh, it’s already time? Have a safe trip.” The lady mentioned about watching a concert in another city, she must have almost missed the time to set off. “See you tomorrow!” The lady said as she headed out of the cafe.

On a beautiful day in mid-May, we were sitting in Kasumigaoka Coffee, relaxingly watching the Japanese tit that flew into the forest-like-garden, while listening to the conversation between the owner and her customers. This cafe is in a residential area. People who come here are usually regular customers. They come not only for the tasty coffee brewed by the owner but also to have a chat with her. We have come here for a few times, and every time, we saw the same group of people sitting at their regular spots. It felt as if this was their second home, where everyone knew where exactly to sit without taking other’s spot.

Cafes with a particular theme can rarely be the place for you to loosen up, as people around can get rather excited about sharing their experience on social media. Kasumigaoka Coffee is usually occupied by regular customers, so the atmosphere is generally calm. The shop offers a few varieties of coffee and one type of snack. Everything is so tasty but not overwhelming. Be it the interior decoration or the food and drinks, everything about this cafe is just optimal. Exciting things can get dull once you get used to it, but ordinarily good things are what can last.

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