Emerged from clay

Archive of Teppei Ono’s work



書中的文字部分由祥見知生所編撰,她除了出版過多本器物相關的書籍外,也是鎌倉著名藝廊Utsuwa Shoken的創辦人,在多年以前便跟哲平先生往來合作。書中收錄了她與哲平先生的對談,使讀者對哲平先生的藝術及美學世界有更深的了解。

When talking about the pottery made by Teppei Ono, my friend seemed to fully agree when I said, “Some potters create ceramic works that exude their aura into the surrounding atmosphere; quite on the contrary, Ono’s works are to suck up the surrounding air like a vacuum cleaner.” Being an acquaintance of Ono, this friend of mine believes an artist’s work is a mirror reflection of the maker’s personality. Similar to Ono himself, his works possess the power to stun the audience and freeze the atmosphere. There is a subtle tenderness from an aged pottery; Similarly, getting acquainted with Ono is a chance to be touched by his warmth.

Pottery by Teppei Ono: Emerged from Clay collected 80 pieces of work that Ono made in the past 35 years. The book illustrates the change of his style over the years — from the earlier ones which are more charged with intense emotion, to the recent ones which bring serenity. The works are also witnesses of how his mindset evolved. Ono mentioned, “Art liberates me from the constraints of everyday life. I wish I could share this strength with others through the works I make. Art can be rebellious, it can as well be liberating.” Other than archiving Ono’s work, the book also recorded the rebellious attitude of Ono and his earnest emotions.

Tomoo Shoken, who wrote the text in the book, has already published several books on pottery. Being the founder of Utsuwa Shoken, the well-known gallery in Kamakura, Shoken’s collaboration with Ono began quite some years ago. The conversation between the two as collected in the book opens the door for readers to understand more deeply about Ono’s world of art and his aesthetics.