How do books respond to time?

After opportunity by MOSSES



書中收錄了七位藝術家的攝影作品,包括香港的張雅玲、黃雪綾、李卓媛、馮祺、葉建邦和意大利的Piefrancesco CELADA,以及荷蘭的Saskia WESSELING。他們都是2018/19年度WMA大師攝影獎入圍的攝影師,以年度主題「機遇」為主題,透過攝影作品回應及探討了社會不同階層所面對的挑戰和機遇,看似陌生,卻處處呼應我們身邊的人和事。


How does a piece of plain white paper unlock your inspiration? Imagine your fingertips gently gliding over the paper, feeling its smoothness. It is thin enough to let some light pass through. As if it has been exposed to sunlight for too long, there is a very subtle hint of yellow to its whiteness thus making it more of a weathered white. And even though there are no traces of ink on it, some people think that it is full of stories, but just that those stories are always too hard to tell.

Flipping through books of different sizes, colors, and textures, we read the stories about ourselves and others. Published by an independent bookstore  MOSSES, After Opportunity centres upon the concept of an exhibition on paper. It features seven photobooks of varied designs, binding styles, and printing paper, and three other publications that examine the current situation in Hong Kong. The collaborative work explores from an artistic point of view the ideas of ‘challenges’ and ‘opportunities’ faced by people from different walks of life. Reading through After Opportunity is like walking through an exhibition with the printed materials acting as a bridge of communication. There are infinite interpretations and possibilities within; it could be a light read, or it could be a heavy read. Although the actual exhibition centred around this collaborative publication has already ended, readers can still be inspired by the carefully designed and curated works via their printed form and allow their imagination to roam freely. 

After Opportunity features photographic works by seven artists who are shortlisted for the award, WMA Masters on Opportunity 2018/19; they are Hong Kong locals Cheung Nga Ling Cynthia, Beatrice Wong, Sharon Lee Cheuk Wun, Jolans Fung, and Yip Kin Bon, as well as Pierfrancesco Celada from Italy and Saskia Wesseling from the Netherlands. Centred upon ‘Opportunity’, the theme of WMA 2018/19, the artists’ works are their responses and observations to the challenges and opportunities that are faced by different groups of people in society. These works might seem obscure to us, but they are the people and things that we encounter in our day to day lives.

When he decided to transform After Opportunity into an actual physical exhibition, Renatus Wu, the curator of the project asked himself a profound question, “How do books respond to time?” ‘Opportunity’ is a word that is often mentioned; some people say that “opportunities are everywhere” in the city, but is it really the case? Even if we may not be able to get a definitive answer from After Opportunity, it inspires us to rethink the current situations in our society. To find a way to survive in a city that stresses ‘opportunity’, and to actually put it into practice; this is how books inspire us to respond to time.