The Urban Outdoor Brand that Has A Powerful Voice

Poutnik by Tilak


在上世紀八十年代成立,Tilak是來自捷克的戶外服飾品牌,從一家名不經傳的家族企業,到近年成為機能服飾、戶外服飾界的新寵兒,並且在日本獲得空前成功,受到不少當地雜誌媒體的報道和讚賞。不過今天要談的不是本家Tilak,而是他們的支線品牌,以城市戶外為主軸的Poutnik by Tilak。

Founded in the 1980s, Tilak is an outdoor apparel brand from the Czech Republic. Starting as an ordinary family business, it has recently become the new darling of the functional apparel and outdoor apparel industry in recent years, and has achieved unprecedented success in Japan resulting in tremendous amounts of media coverage and recognition from local magazines. Yet today we are not going to talk about Tilak, but their sub-brand, Poutnik by Tilak, which focuses solely on urban outdoor clothing.

近年「城市戶外」這名詞在服飾界的印象,幾乎到陳腔濫調的地步,但卻不能套用於Poutnik by Tilak這個品牌上;理由是擔任後者設計師的,可是開創城市戶外潮流,創立品牌Acronym的Errolson Hugh。前年與Nike ACG終結合作後,他轉身就加入了Poutnik by Tilak的團隊,此外設計團隊內還包含了Errolson Hugh的好搭檔,Acronym現任設計師Osman Chaudhary;Nike Sportswear女裝部設計總監Johanna F. Schneider;以及曾在2012年獲得德國紅點設計獎的Studio BOA,絕對是一個星光熠熠的團隊。

回頭看Poutnik by Tilak的單品,比起戶外服飾的寬鬆剪裁,他們剪裁更簡約俐落,像是修長的大衣款風雨衣Knight Coat、Thomas coat;作為保暖層但不會冗腫的PYGMY外套和背心;再來也有更時尚的,樽領設計的Raven Turtleneck等,都是擁有機能性外觀與功能,卻又能融入日常生活的設計。而得益於本家Tilak多年來在物料上的探索,除了Goretex這種大牌,也有像PERTEX microlight、Polartec等物料,而甚至是年久更久遠的傳統防水綿Ventile;從設計到物料的選擇,都是個充滿話題性的品牌。

In recent years, the term “urban outdoor” has become a cliché within the apparel industry, but that doesn’t apply to Poutnik by Tilak; as its designer Errolson Hugh is the pioneer of the urban outdoor culture and created the brand Acronym. After ending the collaboration with Nike ACG last year, Hugh joined the star-studded team of Poutnik by Tilak, which includes Osman Chaudhary, Hugh’s trusted partner and Acronym’s current designer,  Johanna F. Schneider, the Design Director for Nike Sportswear Women’s Apparel, and also Studio BOA, which won the German Red Dot Design Award in 2012.

Looking back at the pieces by Poutnik by Tilak, they have a much simpler and neater cutting compared to the looser fitting style found with most outdoor clothing; for example, the Knight Coat and Thomas Coat both feature a slim and slender cut, the PYGMY jacket and vest provide perfect insulation without being bulky, and not to mention the fashionable Raven Turtleneck. While offering superior functionality and appearance, these designs can also be integrated into daily life. And thanks to its parent brand Tilak having experimented with different materials over the years, Poutnik by Tilak’s designs have incorporated such materials from names like Goretex, as well as PERTEX microlight, Polartec, and even the traditional waterproof cotton Ventile. From its thoughtful designs to the materials used, Poutnik by Tilak is definitely a brand worthy of the acclaim it’s received.