FEB 24, 2021


十年又十年。變了樣的,又豈止膠卷底下的香港?說來很可笑。2010 年我辭去第一份記者工作,老細送我一堆過期菲林,話當餞行,「由跑新聞到依家儲落,都唔知過咗期幾耐,可能都有十幾年⋯⋯」當時不以為意。今日拿着一部 Minox 刻意想逃離城市,影吓山,影吓水,咔嚓了一筒,妄想跨越那道牆,用風景麻醉⋯⋯不要傻啦,過期的豈止有菲林,還有你眼前的香港、那些山山水水啊。「有什麼不在牆的裡頭?」老大哥說。


Ten years went by, followed with another ten. Hong Kong, among many other things, has changed tremendously. Funnily enough, my boss gave me a whole bunch of expired films as a momento when I quit my first reporter job back in 2010. “I started to collect these films since the beginning of my career. I don’t even know when these films expired. Maybe more than ten years ago…” I didn’t give much thought about what he said at that time. Yet today, as I try desperately to climb over those walls hoping to escape from the city and find comfort and relief in capturing the mountain and the sea with my Minox camera, I finally realized, it’s not only the films that have expired, so did Hong Kong. How silly I am, I reckon. “Everything is behind those walls, no?” The Big Brother said.

Funnily enough. I don’t even know when those films expired. Maybe in 1997 or 1998?

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