The Sparklers

The Dim Light that Brightens Up the Fearful Darkness







My brother’s family of four has recently traveled to Japan. After visiting the zoo and theme parks, they took a detour to the suburb of Nagoya to see me. The night before their arrival, my sister-in-law texted me to ask if it was allowed to play fireworks near my place as she bought some from a 100-yen shop. In the beginning, I thought it must be the kids who wanted to play with it, only until later did I realize it was my sister-in-law who wanted to experience the childhood fun.

Firework is the highlight of summer in Japan, The most important events are for sure the firework shows held in different areas during the summer vacation. For people who would like to light their own fireworks, they can also get some small ones from shops and play around with them in most places.

Although it was difficult to see the fireworks glittering during the bright hot summer day, we decided to still light it up in the woods near our home. Under the glaring sun, all we could see was smoke and some burning ashes. My sister-in-law and the children were very disappointed. Seeing their unhappy face, my brother, who is always an impatient person, decided to bundle up the 7 sticks of fireworks together. The spark was flying everywhere, the children were so frightened and hid behind their mother.

At the back of the firework package were some thin thread-like sparklers. Riding on the last bit of fire from the burning fireworks, we lit up the sparkler with the tip facing down. The fire rose all the way up. As it approached the middle of the sparkler, it began to burn vigorously and formed numerous chamomile-shaped sparkles. It continued to burn intensely until it reached the end and died out. Japanese people like to compare sparklers, which my nephews were happily playing with, to the life of the human. The sky was unfortunately too bright for us to see the sparkle clearly. They did not get to see how vulnerable yet glamorous it was. Only until the sky gets dark and you feel insecure in darkness can one see how the sparkle of our life can bring brightness to ourselves and to light up others’ lives.