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Studio Swine


被別人視為垃圾的,在他們眼裡,卻是未經雕琢的藝術品,充滿無限可能性。由日本建築師Azusa Murakami及英國藝術家Alexander Groves組成的Studio Swine,有「Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers」之意,他們愛從廢物中尋找適用的原料,不為地球製造額外的負擔;例如混合頭髮和松木樹脂的Hair Highway系列和收集海洋裡的塑膠碎片製作而成的Sea Chair,都是充滿實驗性又別具美感的藝術品。

數到Studio Swine最壯觀的作品,必定是今年在英國伊甸園項目中展出的陶瓷裝置「Infinity Blue」,九米高、二十噸重的裝置使用藍色陶泥和氧化釉製作表面,模仿世上最小的生物藍綠藻的外觀,當中帶有數十個燃燒香氣的蒸氣環,猶如生物般懂得呼吸,並釋出原始世界的香氣,模仿約三十億年前的大氣環境。人若置身其中,不但能感受大自然的威力,更能體會到人與宇宙萬物的連結,是一場震撼身心的體驗。

Studio Swine的裝置藝術著重與人的互動,去年與時裝品牌COS合作的New Spring繼於米蘭家具展及邁阿密設計展中展出後,最近更巡迴至上海,以全新的佈局呈現出來。New Spring的靈感取自日本春日盛開的櫻花樹,採用回收的鋁精製而成,樹枝會散發一顆充滿霧氣的氣泡,如掉下的櫻花花瓣般,擁有稍縱即逝的美麗。氣泡落在衣物上時會短暫維持原狀,若觸碰到皮膚便會爆開和蒸發,與觀眾產生了微妙的互動。今次New Spring將於1881年建成的鐘樓展出,並吸納了城市的特質,加入江蘇的水景花園概念,把鋁樹變成中式庭園的一棵柳樹,氣泡令人聯想起玉蘭花、珍珠和微小低垂的滿月。鋁樹在地上的水面反映之下,帶點神秘又富浪漫色彩。

What is trash in the eyes of many can be raw materials of endless possibilities to Studio Swine, which is an art collective founded by Japanese Architect Azusa Murakami and British Artist Alexander Groves. Swine is the abbreviation for “Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers”, the name of a studio that utilizes materials obtained from waste to upcycle into something new, without bringing extra burden to our Mother Earth. Their Hair Highway series that was made from a mixture of hair and pine tree resin, as well as the Sea Chair made from plastic recovered from the ocean,  are good examples of their experimental artworks that exude a unique aesthetics.

Infinity Blue is perhaps the most magnificent work of Studio Swine. It is a 9 meters tall, 20 tons in weight ceramic installation that was exhibited at the Eden Project in England. The duo used Cornish clay and oxide glazes to mimic the outlook of cyanobacteria, one of the world’s smallest living beings. The sculpture has 32 vortex cannons that fire smoke rings with scents as if it was a living organism breathing out aromas of primordial worlds back in 3 billion years ago. This massive piece of installation art does not only recreate the powerful nature, but it also brings out the connection between human beings and everything in the universe. Viewers would definitely enjoy a striking and memorable experience.

Human interaction is one of the key elements in Studio Swine’s design. Last year, the duo collaborated with the fashion brand COS in their New Spring project, which was exhibited during the Milan Furniture Fair and Design Miami. The installation was recently brought to Shanghai with a redesigned presentation. Inspired by the blossoming cherry blossom trees in Japan, New Spring is a sculpture made from recycled aluminum. From the ends of its branches, the tree would dispense misty bubbles that resemble the falling cherry blossom petals. Like the temporary beauty of cherry blossoms, bubbles from the New Spring are also short-lived — they would stay for a short while after landing on the clothes, but they would burst and disappear once they touch the skin. Such nature of the bubbles helps to facilitate an interaction with the viewers. New Spring is now showing at the Changning Bell Tower that was built in 1881. To better integrate the cityscape into New Spring, Studio Swine has incorporated the idea of the Jiangsu water garden into their new design. The aluminum tree has become a willow tree in a Chinese garden, the bubbles now remind viewers of Yulan magnolia, pearls, and a low-hanging full moon. With the reflection of the aluminum tree in water, the image is equally mystical and romantic.

New Spring Shanghai
Address:  No. 1185, Changning Road, Raffles City, Changning District, Shanghai