Good Afternoon Hong Kong

The slide viewer book




而除了《香港午安》之外,另一本由台灣插畫師Son Ni製作的《Peep House》,也同樣以幻燈片為媒介,設計成一台平房公寓造型的幻燈看畫器,其收錄了八幀情色拼貼作品。觀看時只要湊近小屋閣樓的窗戶窺視,即映入一幕幕由植物與肢體交疊、意識奇趣大膽的綺麗畫面,是一場令人臉紅心跳的偷窺體驗。

“Picture tube” was a synonym for television that was commonly used among the Hong Kong people of the older generation. Considering how the tiny box keeps feeding the audience with unlimited images and stories, this word is perhaps a rather self-explanatory description of the device.

Good Afternoon Hong Kong is an unconventional book published by nos:book, the independent publisher. This “book” that we are talking about is in fact a miniature slide viewer that disguises itself as the classic CRT television, which has a size slightly smaller than a soap package.

Slide mounts up individual film transparency for projecting with slide projection. It was once a popular presentation medium for photography; back in the days, scenery slides together with a slide viewer made a trendy souvenir for tourists. In the Good Afternoon Hong Kong slide viewer are eight illustrations by Chihai, which includes the airport, Lion Rock, Star Ferry Pier and Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The captivating colorful illustrations in this newly designed “picture tube” prompt nostalgic sentiments and memories of the local Hong Konger.

Apart from Good Afternoon Hong Kong, the publishing house also published Peep House by the Taiwanese illustrator Son Ni. His slide viewer has a shape of a house, inserting the eight erotic collage works into the Peep House, you are invited to look through the penthouse window, and enjoy peeping at the exciting, bizarre and spectacular images of interwoven plants and human body parts.