No beginnings or ends.

Kito by Masako Tomiya



Returning home is a regular routine for children. But as people grow up and start to have their own home and family. They end up spending less and less time with families in their hometown.

The photographer Masako Tomiya has moved out of her parents’ place for over 10 years. One day, she received a call from her old home, saying both her younger sister and her sister-in-law were both pregnant, and their due dates were around the same time. She then decided to take some time off from her Tokyo-life and visit her hometown in Aomori. The homecoming trips were where her photo book Kito came from.




She has traveled back and forth for more than 10 times within two years, during which she documented the days with photography. She took photos of daily life, her mother, her sister, the newborns, herself, areas around her home, plants dancing in the wind, cloud in the sky, the snowy winter… The photography recorded the change of four seasons, but there are, in fact, more to tell.

Seeing images documented by Tomiya, viewers can almost sense the flow of time in them. The feeling is very subtle but vivid at the same time. The pronunciation of the book title “ki-to” is perhaps a wordplay of the photographer, as the reversed pronunciation “to-ki” is precisely the word that means “time”.

The newborn has given her sister a new identity — a mother. From this unexpected family reunion, Tomiya saw how the confused souls were now settled.




…nobody “me”,
being a living being,
heading straight through life.
Walking down this glassy,
beautiful road.


“What am i? What is this world?” Meanings evolve along with time, and now she seems to have solved the mysteries.

In the poem she wrote, these moments all happen naturally:
Like the flowers and the rain,
the snow and trees,
the wind and stars,
like this blinking and breathing
nobody “me”,
being a living being,
heading straight through life.
Walking down this glassy,
beautiful road.

There are no beginnings or ends, the only thing that is valid is now. There are questions about “me” that are not visible to the naked eyes, they can be perhaps questions about you too.