Embroideries by Yuri Miyazaki

Like Ripples.


The loosely attached threads are running randomly on the cloth. Without the force of pulling, the threads all hang loose and lie flat lazily. Handmade items inevitably bear traces that always reflect the personality of the craftsman. It is difficult to avoid showing the intention of the maker, but this does not seem to apply for Yuri Miyazaki’s embroidery. She let the threads flowing randomly on the cloth without a pattern as if they were fallen needle leaves landing on the ground. She always uses translucent cotton or silk gauze which allows the back of the embroidery to be seen clearly. The patterns at the back, which are usually hidden, resemble traces of half-erased pencil marks, only except these are beautiful traces.

Yuri Miyazaki hills


Born in Kanazawa of Ishikawa Prefecture, Miyazaki graduated from the department of visual arts and began learning embroidery on her own back in 2014. Before that, she had a greater passion for drawing. “Even if I try to make a sketch before punching in my needle, the actual result is never predictable as it would surely be affected by the texture of the fabric and the thread itself. I enjoy seeing the uniqueness from every piece of my work.”


The more I saw her works, the more I found the move of her needle was like a duck swimming in a river. The movement of its legs ripples the surface of the water. Once they stop moving, these small waves form rhythmic patterns. Her embroidery is also like petals of cherry blossom that land on the flowing river. They glide through the water in a subtly connected way that, again, form a pattern on the river surface.


Her embroidery patterns are liberal without constraints. They brought me to somewhere afar that is full of possibilities awaiting for my exploration. “Embroidery is an intimate communication with the universe,” said Miyazaki. The unexplored possibilities are perhaps what she mentioned as “To satisfy what you have yet to see, something that belongs to yourself or someone else.” Having such determination, one can neglect what happens at the back, just stay focused and push the needle in.


“They could be stones at first glance,
But come look closely,
They can glitter if you would polish them.”