Seeds of Glass

Garasu no Tane


Nature is both unchanging and ever-changing. It is the reality that we are living in and also the source of inspiration for creativity. Garasu no Tane is a series of glasswork produced by a design duo from Japan. Tane carries the meaning of “seed”, and is the term used by the Japanese glassworkers in describing a molten blob of glass. Garasu no Tane, which refers to “seeds of glass”, embodies the designers’ hope that their work will be spread across the globe and reach audiences everywhere.


Yusuke Uchida and Kinuko Uchida, the husband-and-wife design duo behind Garasu no Tane, are deeply inspired by nature and seasonal changes. Such affection is clearly reflected in their work. For example, the three series, which are titled Tree, Snow and Sakura, vividly capture the natural scenery in a form that is similar to a specimen. The Twilight series, on the other hand, gives an abstract depiction of the sky during the time of dawn and sunset. Last but not least, the work, ひとしずく, put a spotlight on the small air bubbles inside the glass. While these air bubbles are usually considered flaw and defect, the design duo managed to capture their aesthetic essence and open our eyes to the vast possibilities in glasswork.