Hundred Years of Taste

Zuiderzee Food by Foodcurators


體驗百年前的荷蘭古早味道?在米蘭設計周Ventura Future展場天台,遇上了荷蘭設計團隊Foodcurators,他們設計的流動餐車正在慢烤馬鈴薯,旁邊擺放了調味陶瓶組合Zuiderzee Condiments,味道分別有鯷魚鹽Ansoop(anchovy-salt)、辛蜜Suker surep(spicy syrup)、香芹籽油Gruunmoes(chervil-oil)和醃魚粉Kipper(powder of smoked herring),用作配搭馬鈴薯。調味陶瓶設計來自館藏舊圖案,結合簡潔的當代造型。

Fancy trying the historical flavors of the Netherlands from more than a century ago? At the rooftop of Ventura Future, the exhibition venue of Milan Design Week, I stumbled into Foodcurators, a team of designers from the Netherlands. The mobile food truck they designed was slow-roasting potatoes, and to go with them, on the side, are Zuiderzee Condiments, a series of condiments in ceramic bottles, including flavors such as Ansoop (anchovy-salt), Suker surep (spicy syrup), Gruunmoes (chervil-oil) and Kipper (powder of smoked herring). The inspiration of the ceramic bottles’ come from the ancient patterns exhibited in the museum, which are then blended with a simplistic modern style.


整個Zuiderzee Food系列的菜單和食具,靈感源自荷蘭西北部海灣須德海露天民俗博物館Zuiderzee Museum。這家博物館向來積極與知名設計師合作不同的創意計劃,過去聯手的名單包括Studio Jobs、Kiki van Eijk等,Foodcurators的設計師Digna Kosse和Lucas Mullié,這次則走進館藏深入研究昔日的食譜、歷史和生活方式。「馬鈴薯、白椰菜、麵包和醃鯡魚等等慢煮食物,其實是漁村人的日常飲食,因為舊時洗衣、打魚等工時長,慢煮既健康又方便。我們在Zuiderzee Museum體會了這些後,延伸出新的食譜,包括有四種不同的調味和食具器皿,並設計成為流動市集車,可以在餐廳邊烤馬鈴薯,邊介紹這四種調味食材故事。」把歷史吃進肚子,無論是鯷魚鹽、醃魚粉、香芹籽油,既天然美味,又可以聯想到荷蘭百年前的生活。將於十月尾舉行的荷蘭設計周,Foodcurators更會推出新食譜,將Zuiderzee Food概念進化成為咖啡室,將有Zuiderzee-coffee和鬆餅窩夫,令人期待呢。(有興趣的話,可以到Endhoven的展區Sectie-C,同場還有其他年輕設計師的作品和工作室!)

The menu and tableware of the whole Zuiderzee Food series have all been inspired by Zuiderzee Museum, an open-air folk customs museum located on the shores of the Zuiderzee in Northern Netherlands. This museum has always been active in collaborating with well-known designers in various creative projects. Among its past collaborators are Studio Jobs and Kiki van Eijk. This time around, Digna Kosse and Lucas Mullié, designers of Foodcurators, have done an in-depth research at the museum regarding recipes, history and lifestyle back in the olden days. “Actually, slow-cooking foods such as potatoes, white cabbage, bread and pickled herring used to be in the everyday diet of fishing villagers. In the past, people worked long hours on washing clothes, catching fish and so on, and slow-cooking proved to be both healthy and convenient. Based on what we have learned in Zuiderzee Museum, we went one step further to come up with new recipes, including four different types of condiments and tableware, and along with them, we designed also a mobile food truck, in which we can roast potatoes while telling the stories of these four different flavorings.” With history being savored within us, whether it is anchovy-salt, powder of smoked herring or chervil oil, it not only tastes natural and delicious, but also takes your thoughts on time travel back to the life of a century ago in the Netherlands. During the Dutch Design Week in late October, Foodcurators will even unveil new recipes, transforming Zuiderzee Food’s concepts into a cafe and serving Zuiderzee-coffee, pancakes and waffles — surely something to look forward to. (If you are interested, you may walk to Endhoven’s exhibition zone Sectie-C, where you can find also the works and studios of other young designers.)


Zuiderzee Food by Foodcurators