Appeals of pure black steel material


由設計名人萩野光宣領軍,來自日本新瀉縣的FD STYLE,是我近年看過最帥氣的一個廚具品牌。作為活化地域產業風潮中的其中一員,FD STYLE積極串連在地職人,揉合上傳統製鋼技術,製作出清一色的黑鋼廚具製品,煥發出簡煉的現代感;曾獲得日本GOOD DESIGN AWARD大賞、德國IF的設計獎,以及被《WALLPAPER》雜誌提名為最佳家居設計。

參考自傳統製鋼技術,FD STYLE的工藝性主要體現在「氮化處理」和「氧化皮膜」這兩點之上。「氮化處理」指的是在鐵材加熱工序時,職人會把鐵製品泡入在氮氣中,使表現硬化堅固的同時,也帶來優異的抗蝕功能,其原理與古代製作刃物的技術相契合;至於「氧化皮膜」亦同樣參考自古代的抗鏽處理工法,藉由蒸氣加工使表面氧化,加強鋼製品的抗鏽程度。

工法介紹完以後,這次要報導的FD STYLE商品,並不是品牌長年熱銷的鍋具,而是眼前這一套多款的「01」廚房用具系列。對於常進廚房的烹飪愛好者而言,多多少少會希望推有一套完備而耐用的廚房用具,而在這套「01」的系列裡,就包括了開瓶器、開酒器、罐頭刀,削皮器和量匙等;廚房裡要用到的,基本上都可以滿足得到。除此以外,「01」系列清一色的黑鋼造型也是亮點,不僅可以為有強迫症症頭的用家換來安心,黑鋼的材料本身,也有利於維持用具的新簇外觀,能在多年的利用以後依舊優雅和帥氣。


Headed by prestigious designer Mitsunobu Hagino, FD STYLE, which hails from Niigata prefecture in Japan, is the coolest brand of kitchen utensils that I have ever seen in recent years. As a participant in the trend of revitalizing local industries, FD STYLE actively brings local artisans together and blends in traditional steel technology to produce a uniform set of steel kitchen products with black matte finish which radiate a sense of simple and decent modernity. Its design has won the grand award in GOOD DESIGN AWARD in Japan, and the iF Design Award in Germany. In addition, it has also been nominated the best household design by “WALLPAPER”, a magazine.

“Nitriding” and “oxide film” are two features that embody the craftsmanship spirit of FD STYLE, which has drawn inspiration from traditional steel making technology. “Nitriding” refers to artisan’s exposure of steel products to nitrogen during the heating process so as to harden their surface as well as to considerably enhance their rust resistance. Its principle is consistent with the ancient technology of knife manufacturing. Similarly based on ancient rust resistance process, “Oxide film” strengthens rust resistance of steel products through the use of steam to oxidize the surface.

After introducing the production process, it is time to move on to the featured products of FD STYLE in this report, which are not their long and best-selling cooking pots and pans but this set of “01” kitchen tools. Cooking enthusiasts who spend a great deal of time in the kitchen more or less hope to get their hands on a complete and durable set of kitchen tools. Within this 01 series you will find items including bottle opener, wine opener, can opener, peeler and measuring spoon, a selection that can satisfy your basic needs in the kitchen. In addition, its uniform black steel outlook can also be counted among its highlights. Not only does it bring peace of mind to those with obsessive-compulsive tendencies, the material of black steel itself also boasts the merits of preserving the appearance of tools, which remain elegant and cool despite many years of use.

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