i ro se

Origami-inspired leathercraft

小時候不把摺紙當一回事,玩摺紙只會沒頭沒腦地做些紙飛機或紙船,卻始終變不出什麼花樣。然而,來自日本的兄弟檔高橋源和高橋大,他們不僅把摺紙當成一門嚴肅的興趣,二人長大後更把摺紙的技巧轉化,揉合皮革工藝後誕生出自家品牌——i ro se。

成立於2003年,i ro se(イロセ)在古典語裡解作「兄弟」之意,同時也是顏「色」的語源。作為創辦人的高橋兄弟檔,從小就喜歡玩摺紙,無論是A4列印用紙,又抑或是隨手撿到的餐巾紙,兩兄弟都可以捧在手上把玩良久,想像著紙張千變萬化的花樣。而在品牌成立以後,兄弟檔延續小時候的創意與熱情,以皮革工藝為原點研發出不少趣味盎然的商品,像他們的「Paper Craft皺褶」系列就以豚皮作為媒介,重現出紙張皺摺時的質感,也漾出了紙張向來平易近人的溫度;是品牌成立以來最標誌性的作品之一。

針對現下市售鑰匙包的樣式作改良,「AURORA KEY HOLDER」正面擺放時呈長型狀,然而只要從側面看去,就會發現到它其實是一塊完整的皮革,只不過被細心地摺合起來;其模樣有點像一朵綻開的花,每片花瓣裡都是一支鑰匙,也都有各自對應的出入口。而除卻皮革包的本體,「AURORA KEY HOLDER」還貼心地附上一條穿繩,對形象瀟灑帥氣的人而言,自然是要繫上牛仔牌的皮帶扣環上;至於對冒失鬼而言,更可以天天繫在脖子上,從此不怕再落入出門忘記帶鑰匙,回家後不得其門而入的窘境了。


Origami never really occurred to me as a serious matter; it appeared to be nothing more than some silly paper planes and boats. However, this traditional art was given a twist and innovatively blended into leathercraft by the Japanese brand i ro se, which was founded in 2003 by the Takahashi brothers Gen and Dai, who clearly see origami as a serious occupation.

The brand’s name i ro se is an old Japanese word meaning “brothers”, which is also the root of iro, the Japanese word for color. The Takahashi brothers have grown a strong passion for origami ever since childhood. The two would pick up any forms of paper, be it A4 printing paper or random paper napkins in restaurants, fiddle around and transform them into various things. After launching the brand, the brothers have a better opportunity to extend their creativity and passion to leathercraft and created a series of intriguing products. The brand’s iconic “Paper Craft” series, which uses pigskin leather to reproduce the special texture and heartfelt temperament of wrinkled paper, is a good example to illustrate i ro se’s distinctive charisma.

“Aurora Key Holder” is a product created to provide a better option to the existing key holder designs. It appears somewhat like a rectangle when viewed from the front, but looking it from the side, you can see a single piece of leather delicately folded together to form a pouch shape. The pattern resembles that of a blossoming flower, where a key is lying on each of the “petal” and can be easily inserted and taken out. Each of the key holder comes with an attached string that allows you to sleekly hang the key holder from your belt buckle. Whereas for the absent-minded, there should be no better way to wear the key holder around your neck, so you’d never get locked out of your home again.

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