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Apr 23, 2019

Year 2011 - The Great East Japan Earthquake


During the thirty one years of the Heisei Era, Japan has dealt with natural disasters of varying severity, and the most calamitous of all is certainly the Great East Japan Earthquake that hit on March 11, 2011. It is impressive that in the face of catastrophes, the Japanese people have not resorted to blame fate and others. Rather, everyone is committed to performing their respective duties, and major cities have resumed regular operations surprisingly quickly. In this age, we, human beings, have only ourselves to blame for the ever more frequent extreme weather and possibly natural disasters. Ordinary folks can hardly do anything more than reading disaster manuals diligently to get well prepared.


looking at the photos and reading articles. Each word and sentence conjures up images. An enthusiast of Japanese culture, I would like to leave a record of my own memories of the Heisei Era before the new one begins.

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