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May 14, 2019

Four Seasons 。Autumn


Kyoto. Ine
In the past few years, I have become fed up with the crowds in Kyoto.
Arriving at the Northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, I can feel the countryside atmosphere absent in the city center. I ventured deep into Ine, “Kyoto by the sea”, which is closely connected to the sea. It is a fishing village where unpretentious and simple scenery remains. This little fishing village is hailed as one of the 100 most beautiful towns in Japan thanks to its 200 odd fishing houses called Funaya by Ine Bay, which serve as homes to fishermen there. Boats can directly be parked at the garage on the first floor while the second floor is usually used for storing fishing equipment. Even though Ine is actively making inroads into tourism and sightseeing, and many fishing houses have been remodeled into family-run inns, the locals have maintained their rhythm of life — waking up early to work and resting after sunset. Here you will not find convenience stores nor standard shopping centers. There is also no need to rush through your itinerary during your stay, making it an ideal location for rediscovering the essence of travelling and for experiencing the daily life of the locals.


looking at the photos and reading articles. Each word and sentence conjures up images. An enthusiast of Japanese culture, I would like to leave a record of my own memories of the Heisei Era before the new one begins.

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