May 15, 2019

Four Seasons 。Autumn

相比姆明公園還要早的あけぼの子どもの森公園,同是位於埼玉縣,於1997年開業,園內也有姆明標誌式的藍色尖頂的bathing hut和小肥肥一族的家。這裡沒有遊樂設施和表演,但當秋天的紅葉到訪,風景漂亮得不似人間。公園裡也可以看到不同文化的家族遊,日本小孩在放肆遊走、隨意摸摸泥土,父母只會離遠觀察,孩子弄髒了也視為平常。相比旁邊的遊客不斷和孩子拍照,只透過鏡頭看風景,實在是可惜呢。

Saitama. Tove Janssen Akebono Children’s Forest Park
Tove Janssen Akebono Children’s Forest Park, which boasts an even longer history than Moomin Park, is also located in Saitama prefecture, and was opened in 1997. Inside the park you can also find the signature blue bathing hut with a pointed roof as well as the house of the Moomin family. Here you will not find any amusement facilities nor performances, but when the autumn foliage season arrives, the scenery is simply spectacular and otherworldly. In the park, you can observe family outings of various cultures. Japanese children run wild, touching mud curiously while their parents keep an eye at a distance, without fussing even when their children get dirty. Beside them, tourists, on the other hand, keep taking photos with their children and admiring the scenery through only their lenses, which is quite a pity.


looking at the photos and reading articles. Each word and sentence conjures up images. An enthusiast of Japanese culture, I would like to leave a record of my own memories of the Heisei Era before the new one begins.

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