Nov 13, 2017

Nov 13, 2017

写 生

写 生/Guan Ling Lu


故事從某天中午吃麵開始,店家播著探索頻道《荒野求生》主持人貝爾·吉羅斯(Bear Grylls),從沙漠至高點邊跑邊滑降,充滿沙泥與費洛蒙的肢體吸引,開始幻想自己能夠一樣可以上山下海流暢英氣,買了兩本求生秘笈沒用上過。




Born in 2013, it could be a floating island that was a result of the collision among mountain, ocean and many other living creatures.
Embroidery, landscape and nature photography; I tried to explore the glamour when various media entwined with one another.

It all began in a noodle place, where the shopkeeper was playing the Discovery Channel TV show Man vs. Wild. Watching the host Bear Grylls sliding from the top of a sand dune, admiring his body that was filled with sand, dust and adrenaline rush, I began to imagine myself making my own adventures to the top of the majestic mountain and across the vast ocean; I have never made use of the two survival books I bought earlier.

Gripped by my wanderlust, I departed from my comfort zone and set off for an overnight journey to the mountain, I went with a couple of companions for a kayak trip to a deserted island. A new place brings new stories; during my wandering days, the pain heals and happiness grows, I realized there are many ways for one to live their life.

Most motives are usually egocentric to begin with — mountain climbing roots from the desire to conquer, photography is a means to possess the unobtainable, embroidery is a skill to achieve perfection.
I have now slowed down my pace; I am now a learner and a giver who shares the gifts from Mother Nature with people I encounter.

Being an independent individual in a community, I am seeking my own approach to draw, to act, to dance, and to write.