Oct 25, 2017

Oct 25, 2017



MUSSIE is an on-going exploration of “Reality is not reality”. Moving and blurry images can bring people to the dream-like state she creates. Reality to most people is about giving definitions and values to things, but Mjay hopes to reconstruct her interpretation of reality through photography. She believes nothing is eternal, the world is ever-changing, and to her, life is eventually all about fantasy and illusion.

Mjaylai生於香港的攝影師時主要專注時裝及藝術。生活於石屎森林的她,覺得密集的城市以及過剩的物質令人失去創造力。她反思人生並意圖尋找一個相反的方向 ,憑最單純的直覺創作,以攝影作媒介試圖創造一個詩意的空間,以暗黑的風格表達抽象的影像概念。

Mjaylai, 1991
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mjay is a fashion and art photographer by day.  Having grown up in a concrete jungle, Mjay felt the long lost overconsumption of city people destroys creativity. She hopes to create visual poetry and dreamscapes through her lens.
Mjay is living in London now.

Instagram: @mjaylai