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復古與時尚從來都不對立,反之是個不斷循環的潮流,而在近年的服飾市場上,這股潮流更滋養出不少以考古、復刻為精神的品牌,像是Nigel Cabourn、Engineering Garments等,均從過往歷史中的軍裝、工人服中擷取靈感,推出或忠實或改良的歷史服飾。至於鞋履方面,也有來自日本Eye Found旗下的Reproduction of Found,這個品牌的考古實力驚人,復刻的冷門鞋履不計其數,卻不拘泥於忠實還原歷史,改以挹注入當代美學元素,是一個值得軍工裝迷注意的鞋履品牌。

Reproduction of Found成立於2016年,而他們只用不到五年時間,就攻略了許多復古鞋迷的心。品牌之能走紅的秘密,在於他們嚴肅的考古精神,會特意聯絡當年生產鞋款原工廠,為品牌再次生產這一雙雙的改良經典;即使設計經改良,但也忠實地反映出當年的工藝技術。以曾被Dior、Maison Martin Margiela等復刻的German Army Trainer為例,品牌找來當年替Adidas代工(Adidas是當年西德訓練鞋的製造商,但有另一說是PUMA)的斯洛伐克工廠負責生產,並為鞋款注入現代原素和推出多個色款,是為品牌熱銷的鞋款。而在熱門的GAT之外,品牌也有復刻冷門的美軍、法軍、義軍、俄軍和捷克軍等的訓練鞋,記憶中所及,應該也是唯一復刻過這些鞋款的品牌,可見品牌在考古和發掘經典上的過人實力。

In fashion, we see retro trends come and go season after season. For some brands – such as Nigel Carbourn, and Engineering Garments – the retro aesthetics is in their DNA. Paying homage to military uniform and taking inspirations from workmen wear, these brands create vintage collections with accurate or modified historical references. As for footwear, Japanese brand Reproduction of Found by Eye Found is especially devoted to historical elements. Blending retro designs with modern details, the brand’s niche retro footwear is particularly remarkable for military apparel enthusiasts.

Founded in 2016, it took less than 5 years for Reproduction of Found to capture the hearts of retro footwear fanatics. The key to success is their relentless efforts to retain historical accuracy and details. Getting the original shoemakers to recreate modern classics, even with modifications, their final product still reflects original craftsmanship. Retro models like the German Army Trainer are often remade by brands such as Dior and Maison Martin Margiela. Some say Adidas manufactured the German Army Trainers, some say it was PUMA. Nonetheless, Reproduction of Found got Adidas’s original manufacture in Slovakia to remake their own version. Adding modern details and extending the colourway, the GAT is now the brand’s most popular model. Their dedication doesn’t end with the GAT though, they also remade American, French, Italian, Russian, and Czech army training shoes. As far as we know, they are probably the only brand that is committed enough to retro classics to remake these incredibly niche models.

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