Maine’s Forests

Paine’s Red Cedar

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Based in Auburn in the State of Maine, Paine specializes in manufacturing incense. Thanks to Maine’s 90% forest cover, Paine can always source fresh, low-priced raw materials. There are no stories of unspeakable suffering behind their procurement and manufacturing process, which involves first purchasing wood directly from local woodsmen.  The wood is then stored until it turns dry. Afterwards, ground wood is pressed into a cone-shaped incense mold for its form to stabilize. The manufacturing process is as it is, plain for the eyes to see. No additional substances are added nor are there any complicated techniques involved. The incense brand has thus earned its reputation as being both safe and reliable.


Paine manufactures only two types of incense cones, namely balsam fir and red cedar. Both carry a strong firewood aroma, which evokes the image of a warm fireplace in winter. Perhaps because of this association, Paine, in fact, makes incense holders in the shape of a tiny log cabin. First, light an incense cone, and when the flame goes out, blow gently for the cone’s tip to turn red and start emitting smoke. Place the cone insider the holder and then see, before your eyes, smoke rolling up from the “log cabin’s chimney” and feel the warmth radiating from it. Apart from this cabin-shaped holder, the brand also offers a wide range of incense holders made of copper and featuring forest sceneries, which can accommodate any one balsam fir incense cone. After lighting the incense, you can then stare idly at the holder and imagine yourself somewhere at the forest in Maine while taking in the wood aroma dispersing around your room.

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