A century’s old bamboo boutique in Kyoto

Kohchosai Kosuga

Kohchosai Kosuga1b


Compared with wood crafts that are often subtle and exquisite, bamboo crafts appear to be more delicate and graceful. Founded in 1898, Kohchosai Kosuga is a boutique in Kyoto that specializes in bamboo crafts. Unlike the other handful of century’s old craft shops in Kyoto that are devoted exclusively to traditional craftsmanship, Kohchosai Kosuga strives to connect traditional techniques with modern design concepts. Over the years, they have collaborated with various brands and artists, under the leadership of Tatsuyuki Kosuga, the fifth-generation of the Kosuga family. To name a few, they have worked with Issey Miyake in launching a bamboo woven bag and collaborated with Makoto Koizumi to introduce the Minotake cutlery collection.

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Among the wide array of artful pieces crafted by the Kosuga atelier, the chopstick is perhaps the most sought-after item. Hand-crafted with Mousouchiku (Moso bamboo), the chopsticks are finely lacquered and polished to produce an exquisite and delicate finish. Whether at a ryotei high-end restaurant or a modern living space, the Mousouchiku chopsticks will surely add elegance and beauty to the dining table. Not only are the chopsticks visually pleasing, they are easy to handle and slip-proof allowing you to pick up food that is soft or in a smaller bite-size gracefully without hassle. Last but not least, the chopsticks have an extremely fine-polished and burr-free surface making them gentle to your fingertips and mouth. From their sophisticated design, to the carefully-sourced material and delicate hand-crafting skills, Kohchosai Kosuga’s chopstick perfectly combines traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics and has proven itself to be one of the most remarkable utensils available in the market.