Trioo Chairs




The wheel of technological advancement keeps turning, but rooted in our imagination, since the dawn of time, is nature as our mentor. From stone carving to digital art, we never cease to find inspiration in natural imagery. That technology is based on innovation is never to transcend nature, but rather, to grow increasingly close to nature.

自1945年在瑞典成立,Lammhults作為一個擁有逾七十年歷史的傢俱品牌,倒是沒有傳統品牌的包袱,多年來以現代設計、實驗設計為經營主軸,在超過半世紀的時間內一直推陳出新。品牌重視可延續性,除卻注重環保和生產正義議題,也多從大自然中獲取靈態,挹注入他們極具現代性的設計之中。上頭這一系列的「Trioo Chairs」,由Johannes Foersom和Peter Hiort-Lorenzen合力設計,總共有三款椅子,但其實三款椅子中,坐墊和骨架的部分是一致的,只有靠背的部分不同。而光看上去椅子弧線的造型,可能會以為是現代設計的痕跡,但實際上是設計者參照牡蠣外殼的輪廓、自然界的線條而來。取法自然,模仿那些自然界中相像,但又獨一無二的存在,造就出了這三款看似一致,卻又略帶不同的椅子設計。

Founded in Sweden in 1945, Lammhults has, as a vital part of its 70 years’ heritage, an optimistic spirit rooted in modernist and experimental design. Beyond those visions, Lammhults believes that the environment has an increasingly important role to play in our changeable times. The result is a homage to nature: to evoke hope and to introduce new, sustainable and inspiring ways of understanding and using space. Designed by Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen, the idea of Trioo is to create a single chair but with three varying characters: one frame, one seat and three different backs give the chair three different functions and expressions. While the curved backrest evokes modernist visions, the design actually took inspiration from the shape of oyster shells – a perfect example of nature outlining varying ergonomic needs.