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The strength of dim light

Kurashiki Seiro

Words / Ron Lam


創辦於昭和9年的Pegasus Candle最近與設計師居山浩二合作,成立了品牌「倉敷製蠟」。居山浩二是著名的和紙膠紙品牌mt的創作總監,以嶄新好玩的方式,把和紙帶進年青人的生活裡。這次跟蠟燭老舖合作,同樣創造了令人耳目一新的蠟燭製品。

Card Candle物如其名,薄如咭片,高度為70毫米,厚度則只有3毫米,單薄得站不起來,蠟燭套裝便附上讓它安穩立正的黃銅底座。由於極為纖細,蠟燭在點燃的時候,蠟都會蒸發掉,不會滴流下來。其他還有試管形,以及外形如同巧克力般的蠟燭塊等。燭光點亮我們的生活,蠟燭的外形點綴我們家居與心靈。Pegasus Candle期望透過有趣的造形,勾起年青的一輩對蠟燭的興趣,創造出新一代的蠟燭文化。

Sunlight during the daytime, neon lights at night, and white light indoor… Our daily life is oftentimes lit up by fixed sources of light. Staying near the dim light of a candle that dances in wind thus gives a rather dissimilar atmosphere, and provides a comforting nest to people who have exhausting routine.

Pegasus Candle was founded in the year of Showa 9 (1934). Together with the designer Koji Iyama, the company recently started a collaborative brand Kurashiki Seiro. Being the creative director for the famous washi masking tape ‘mt’, Koji Iyama took a playful approach and successfully reintroduced washi to the younger generation. His collaboration with the old candle brand similarly creates a series of jaunty candles.

Card Candle, a rather self-explanatory name for the 70cm tall, 3mm thick card-like candle that cannot stand properly without the support of the complimentary brass bass. Precisely because of its extraordinary thinness, wax gets evaporated away after burning without leaving a trace. Other designs include the Test Tube Candle, and the cube like Chocolate Candle. While the candle flame lights up our life, the candle design brightens the vibe of our flat, and hence our souls. With the unconventional forms of candles, Pegasus Candle wishes to build a bridge between candles and the younger generations, so that a contemporary culture of candle can be formed.