10-How about no jeans?

Moleskin trousers



For various reasons, I tried very hard to resist wearing jeans when I was a student. I thought jeans were very weird.

This specific clothing designated for adults not only had a very hard texture, but also gave off a distinctive smell called boredom. Why do we have to wear jeans? Aren’t shorts and cotton trousers much more comfortable? I noticed that my teachers would put on jeans for school trips, as if wearing jeans would remove their seriousness and replace it with playfulness. Since then, jeans have become a representation of fake randomness to me.


Of course, there’s nothing hypocritical in owning a pair of jeans. I bought a few pairs of jeans to try on and their durability is indeed very pleasing. However, my dislike for jeans could not be completely erased, and it made me feel even more bitter when I finally encountered this pair of black trousers. These trousers began to lose their color not long after I started wearing them. They have an unbelievable toughness that made me wonder if they really were made with 100% cotton. They are much thinner than jeans, but they’re tough like canvas. I checked the care label again and again to make sure that they are indeed made with 100% cotton. This pair of trousers is light, thin, durable, and smooth like velvet. Have I truly found the perfect pair of pants?


For trips that last for more than twenty days, I just wear this pair of trousers for the entire trip in order to reduce my luggage weight. In cold and rainy days that reach below 10°C, the high-density trousers act as a protective layer that offers water and wind resistance, and during hot days at more than 30°C, the trousers’ high breathability kicks in and the fabric doesn’t stick to the skin. Lying on the grass and sitting on the rocks in this pair of trousers is more my style than lounging in fancy beautiful clothes. Besides, normal cotton trousers will probably need some repairs after being worn for years. I believe that the more durable the clothes, the better.

這塊叫Moleskin的布料,來自英國的布料生產商Brisbane Moss。我們現在已很少能看到Moleskin的身影,反而在古著的世界有時候會看到,例如一些法國工裝外套,褲子則不多見。Moleskin的絕跡無奈地是因為它不得不花時間生產(每星期生產五百米),這可是以古老而強大的織布機慢慢編織出來的扎實物料,密度高得不見紋路,與現代紋路稀鬆的衣料不能同日而語,絕對是作褲子的最佳物料。我在想,假如Moleskin和牛仔布一開始能夠同時存在的話,我對牛仔褲應該不會那麼反感吧?


This piece of cloth named moleskin comes from Brisbane Moss, a cloth manufacturer in the UK. Moleskin products can hardly be found on the market nowadays, but occasionally you’ll see French chore jackets and even trousers made from moleskin in vintage clothing stores. The extinction of moleskin is due to its long production time for it is slowly woven by ancient, yet powerful weaving machines (producing 500 meters per week). Moleskin is so densely woven that the weaving pattern can hardly be seen. Modern clothing material that is so sparsely woven is nothing comparable to this thin, but hard-wearing fabric, which is ideal for making trousers. If moleskin, instead of denim, is used to make jeans, I wonder if I would still dislike jeans that much.

Afterall, choices out there are always fewer than we expected.