A story that diffuses in your mouth



她是來自東京的Mio Tsuchiya,從前是平面設計師,後來於2012年成立甜點創作品牌「Cineca」。




Movie scenes, songs, and literature are like a baseball that strikes you hard. Once it hits your head, the impact remains and never departs from your memory. Mio Tsuchiya’s desserts are her response to these never fading memories. She turns the vision into something that she can communicate through her delicacies.

Before founding the creative dessert brand Cineca in 2012, Tsuchiya used to be a graphic designer from Tokyo.

After digesting the stories she saw from movies and novels, Tsuchiya would conjure up a sweet taste that can express the abstract meaning. Her desserts prompt me to look up for their matching stories; for instance, this rose that is wrapped inside of the crystal-like candy was inspired by Oscar Wilde’s The Nightingale and the Rose. People who are familiar with the original story might feel instantly connected to the dessert; on the other hand, it is a beautiful experience to get to know a story through a piece of candy or biscuit. The encounter is like going to the cinema alone in a tranquil afternoon, where you can be completely absorbed by the movie without having the urge to share your thoughts.

Tsuchiya just announced about her long vacation in July, and said she would return after a revitalizing break — perhaps this is the essential nutrients for creating a delightful work.