Phil Ninety-three

Blueside Design


玻璃作為一種生活常見的物料,總是比別的物料來得更賞心悅目,無論是製作時形狀上的可塑性,抑或是其他物料無法媲美的透明度,而甚或是良好的耐腐蝕,使許多人在挑選生活器具時,都會優先選用玻璃物料。而最近看到Blueside Design推出了,全玻璃製的咖啡壺和咖啡下壺,倒是更新了我對玻璃製品的原有印象。

Glass is a popular material in our everyday lives because it has all kinds of remarkable properties. Apart from being extremely transparent, it has a high corrosion resistance and is a material that has vast innovative potential. What’s more, it’s visually pleasing. Recently, Blueside Design has unveiled a glass drip coffee making set that has further my positive perception towards glass products.


Blueside Design是一家來自意大利的玻璃用具生產商,只要你找的是玻璃器物,基本上他們的品牌型錄都能滿足到你。這隻名為「Phil Ninety-three」的玻璃咖啡壺,包含蓋子都是由玻璃製造,不過講到最令人注目的,還是連接著上下部的玻璃握把,弧型的流麗形狀,為它理性克制的造型再添上一分優雅感。至於為什麼是「Ninety-three」呢?品牌說因為攝氏93度,是沖泡咖啡的最理想溫度(雖然對鑽研咖啡的人而言,溫度的變因其實很大),可見品牌在設計此商品時瞄準咖啡迷的定位。而同系列中的咖啡下壺「Phil decanter」,輪廓雖然帶著一點點德國Chemix的影子,卻不是依樣畫葫蘆的作品,最讓人驚喜是中間的握把部分。為了帶來隔熱的功能,倒不願意加入其他物料,而是再做一層玻璃圈環繞之,不損物料上的純粹性,可見真是一個對玻璃的喜愛之情,達到泥足深陷程度的品牌。

Blueside Design is a glass manufacturer from Italy who produces different kinds of glass products from household items, to jewelry, furnishing accessories and much more. The drip coffee maker set contains a glass kettle and a glass drip coffee maker. The former, which is named Phil Ninety-three, is a refinement of the classic kettle silhouette. It is made entirely of borosilicate glass and has an elegant and organic shape with clean lines. As for why it is named Ninety-three, it’s because 93° is just the right temperature of the water to pour over the coffee powder (though to genuine coffee-lovers, the ideal temperature varies according to lots of other factors). The drip coffee maker part, which is called the Phil Decanter, has a light resemblance to the classical Chemex coffeemaker from Germany. Yet, it stands out loud and proud with its primitive yet highly advanced body and shape. In particular, the glass funnel that forms a natural handle on the Phil Decanter enhances the strength of the material chosen and is perfect for holding the coffee followed by the water.