The kuksa cup and Yakut knife maker

Soul of Siberia

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在溫帶出生的人,聽見西伯利亞這地名時,腦海難免會浮現一片冰天雪地,杳無人煙的荒蕪景象。不過其實在北邊凍土以外,西伯利亞也是一個擁有廣大森林面積,自然資源豐腴的土地,使不少野外活動者心生嚮往,因而才能孕育出像Soul of Siberia這樣的品牌。

Growing up in a place that is generally warm all year round, the only impression I had about Siberia was a snow-covered and deserted area with hardly a single soul. In fact, it is mainly the permafrost area in the north that is usually covered by snow. The region has a vast forest area that is rich in natural resources. It is almost heaven to those who love outdoor activities. Seeing this, it is not difficult to imagine how Siberia can give birth to an outdoor brand Soul of Siberia.

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Soul of Siberia,由西西伯利亞平原的住民Anton所成立,一人的工作室、品牌,打開他的網站,會發現工作室的商品種類不多,只專注生產兩件產品—Kuksa和Yakut刀。Kuksa是北極圈薩米族人帶來的產物,原始版本是使用樹瘤為材料,所製作成的堅固的木杯、木碗,也是現代露營圈中,其中一件最常見的特色器物。

Soul of Siberia was founded and solely run by Anton, who was born and raised in West Siberian Plain. The brand’s online shop does not offer many products, which include kuksa cups and Yakut knives. Kuksa cup is a type of traditional drinking cup used by the Sami people of northern Scandinavia. The most authentic version is carved from birch burl. This drinking cup can also be used as a mini bowl. Thanks to its durability, it easily became a popular item among campers.

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而來到Soul of Siberia的版本,不僅手工要比市面上大部分Kuksa來得細緻,木頭上若隱若現的雕刻紋路,以及偏深的木頭顏色,都讓這個品牌的Kuksa帶來一份別樣的奢侈感。

The Soul of Siberia kuksa cup is more delicately crafted when compared to the usual ones commonly found in the market. The traces of a carving knife can still be seen and felt on the surface of the dark colored-wood. Such exquisite quality simply makes it a particularly elegant outdoor product.



The Yakut knife is a type of knife traditionally used by the Yakuts, an ethnic group who mainly live in Russia. The blade of this knife is asymmetrical that only one side has a fuller. With a sharp blade, the Yakut knife is a superior tool for hunting, carving game meat, or carving wood. It is not an exaggeration that this knife is the dream of many hunters. Like other products of the brand, the Soul of Siberia Yakut knife has a very clean design, ornamented only with some tribal patterns marked on the wooden handle. This simple pattern optimally illuminated the knife without making it over-embellished.

The digital age allows brands of all scales to be known to the world. Brands that are operated by only one person with a limited variety of products can still gain supporters and their praise online, as long as the quality of their products speaks volumes