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Urake of Winter

Urake Collection from 45R








We all have a piece of extraordinary clothing known as “skin.” It enables us to experience sensations such as cold, warm, hard, and soft , even when our eyes are closed. Choosing what to wear is a reflection of our bodily perception; when the weather turns colder,  the thermal receptors in our skin detect the drop in temperature, prompting us to look for warmer clothing options to act as our “second skin.” Surprisingly, when it comes to our second skin, even a simple sweatshirt can be discerned by our bodies in terms of its texture, comfort, and quality. Whether snugly fitting or gently brushing against our skin, clothing envelops us while perceiving the contours and temperature of our bodies. In a way, clothing seems to have a deeper understanding of our bodies than we do ourselves. These two layers of skin, natural and clothing, are intricately connected, accompanying us as we navigate our everyday lives.

45R, a brand known for its quality materials and attention to detail, places a strong emphasis on comfortability. Their recurring collection, Urake, which means “fleece-lined” in Japanese, is crafted entirely from 100% pure cotton. The Urake series features soft and cozy sweatshirts lined with plush fleece or terry cloth, providing a wonderful touch and a fluffy texture that make them the perfect second skin.

When it comes to design, 45R has a strong affinity for nostalgic beauty, creating enduring pieces that stand the test of time, and their Urake series is no exception. Drawing inspiration from vintage American styles, the collection incorporates classic elements like raglan sleeves, ribbed collars and bodies with contrasting colors, and printed patterns on the front, reminding us of how American college students used to dress. This season, 45R has introduced various new elements, such as rolled-edge collars, short open-front jackets, and loose fit dresses. Meticulous attention to detail is evident in the embroidered “R” and subtle patchwork seams adorning the back of the garments. These thoughtful touches elevate the collection to a new level, bringing remarkable experience to those who wear them.


Another notable feature of the Urake collection is its color palette, which draws inspiration from nature. The soft and soothing tones, reminiscent of the sea, mountains, and vibrant colors of autumn fruits, create a sense of joy and serenity. Coupled with loose cuts and minimalist designs, the Urake series provides both comfort and versatility for effortless mix-and-match, creating a casual yet refined allure for those seeking both style and comfort.

Pick your favorite piece from Urake and embrace the winter season with warmth and style.