The Fun of Moving

Agile Workplace Furniture Collection by Actiu

agile workplace2

從小時候我就發現,無論是搭飛機異國遠行,坐上雲霄飛車的疾速體驗,抑或只是沿著海濱長廊緩緩度步,「移動」這件事本身充滿著樂趣。而有時候不僅是自己的身體,像是只要看見是有輪子的傢俱,像電腦椅和白板等,就會經受不起誘惑想推著它移動。所以當我看到這個由Actiu帶來的Agile Workplace Furniture,一份親切的感覺就湧上心頭,不由得去想設計者是否跟我一樣是個移動愛好者,也喜歡把家中有輪子的東西推來推去。

Ever since I was a child, I found the act of “moving” incredibly fun; whether it is traveling overseas on a plane, riding on a roller coaster, or simply taking a stroll along the promenade. Sometimes, moving is not only limited to moving my body, it also includes the uncontrollable desire to move any furniture that has wheels on it, such as computer chairs and whiteboards. That is why when I came across Actiu’s “Agile” workplace furniture collection, I instantly felt connected with it and couldn’t help but wonder if the designer is also fond of moving like I do and shares the same interest in moving things that come with wheels.

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Actiu是來自西班牙的傢俱設計公司,這一組「Agile Collection 」辦公傢俱系列,當中包含了桌子、椅子、屏風和隔音板,其特別之處,在於桌子外的其他傢俱,均安裝上了滑輪,讓每個傢俱機動性大增,可以靈活地調配運用,以更少的傢俱,卻帶來更大的辦公效益。而在這個系列中,又數屏風最特別,品牌還特意將這個屏風命名為「Caddy 500」。

Actiu is a company from Spain specialized in creating office furniture. Their “Agile” collection, which is especially designed for the workspace, includes desks, seats, room dividers, and acoustic panels. What’s special about Agile is that, except for the desk, everything else sits on castor wheels. With just a limited number of furniture pieces, the series brings the greatest flexibility and mobility into the office. Speaking of which, “Caddy 500”, a mobile divider, is probably the most interesting product among the series.

agile workplace1

「Caddy 500」與其說是屏風,不如說是一個可自由組合的層板裝置,可以用作為白板,也可以安裝螢幕,適用於各類型的工作情景。而就算不用來辦公,也可以加個層板、種個植物,幾乎已經到無所不能的程度。而雖然品牌之開發該系列,原意是因為在疫情下,客戶對於能靈活移動的辦公傢俱的需求與日俱增,但就算不是疫情,能夠隨意地移動傢俱本身,已經是一大賣點,對我這種人而言,更是一種玩味的存在。

Instead of calling it a divider, “Caddy 500” might fit better under the category of “versatile mobile supports” as it can be integrated with a blackboard and interactive screen to support the various needs in the office space. Besides, shelves and trays can be added so that both storage and decorative needs are well taken care of. Although “Agile” was created in response to the growing demand for workspace flexibility during the pandemic, agility is, regardless, an all time favorite feature that is very much welcomed by those in need of an adaptable workspace; and for me personally, being able to move around the furniture is already the greatest joy of all.