Tablewares with “washed” texture


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明明是一家金廠工廠,本業不正經好好幹,偏要跳進生活雜貨這領域,結果卻意外地大受歡迎!這裡要說的是位於日本新潟縣,成立於1955年的「青芳製作所」,其秉承當地悠悠三百年的金屬加工歷史,「青芳製作所」原本主力生產工業設備,卻在上世紀八十年代分拆出CASUAL PRODUCT這支線,仗著累積一甲子的精湛工藝技術,以及優異的設計品味,CASUAL PRODUCT推出過不少經典,並成為「青芳製作所」如今最主力販售的商品系列。

When this metal manufacturer expanded its business to produce everyday household items, little did anyone expect the new line would gain huge popularity. This manufacturer we are talking about is the Japanese brand AOYOSHI that was founded in Nigata Prefecture in 1955. The brand took root in their home prefecture that has over three hundred years of metal processing history and began as a factory that produced industrial material. In the 80s, AOYOSHI launched its subsidiary brand called CASUAL PRODUCT that produces distinctively stylish products with their top-notch craftsmanship. Not only did CASUAL PRODUCT launch numerous classic items, but it has also become the main business line of AOYOSHI.

說到CASUAL PRODUCT中最為人熟悉的,自然少不了「VINTAGE」系列。把丹寧布的洗水色落,加到金屬餐具組之中,而相較起光滑造型的食器物,這種帶著歲月斑駁感的設計,無疑更令人愛不惜手。如果不愛金屬原色的朋友,也可以注意「BLACKVINTAGE」這個子系列,在保留金屬洗水效果的同時,換上一身黝黑肌膚,是一個更帥氣的選項。

The most popular series by CASUAL PRODUCT must be their VINTAGE series, which resonates with the same satisfaction you have from your favorite pair of washed denim jeans. The surface of the series’ tableware is more rustic than the shiny stainless steel cutlery, but it is precisely this coarse texture that makes the series so charming. If you are not a fan of the typical silver-tone, their BLACK VINTAGE series might be more attractive to you. The “washed” texture, together with the vivid black color gives the tableware a very classy look.


The series features a great variety of products including tableware, kitchenware, and coffeeware, but among them, the drip pot is surely one of the biggest highlights. Like the rest of the VINTAGE series products, the drip pot also features a rustic finish; other distinctive features are the wooden handle and the wooden knot on top of the lid. Using wood for the handle and the knot is a pragmatic choice, but it also reminds people of the mixed materials design commonly seen in modernism art from the mid-century. Wood and metal are perfectly blended together harmoniously. Completed by the sleekly minimal design, the VINTAGE drip pot has quickly become a popular item among coffee buffs.

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最近CASUAL PRODUCT跟保溫瓶大牌Thermos聯乘合作,推出非常破格的Edinburgh II保溫瓶商品,而之所以說它破格,當然是與CASUAL PRODUCT固有的商品作比較;其拋開品牌的冷冽金屬風格,換上塑膠外殻、蘇格蘭的紋路,加上胖胖的瓶身,洋溢著可愛的少女氣息。

CASUAL PRODUCT recently collaborated with the famous insulated container brand Thermos to produce the Edinburgh II Thermos bottles that are distinctively different from other products of CASUAL PRODUCT. Using plastic as the outer layer, the Thermos bottles are decorated with more colors and patterns than usually seen in CASUAL PRODUCT’s design. The tartan pattern gives the bottles a very young and cute look that will surely gain further popularity outside of CAUSAL PRODUCT’s usual customers.

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