Beautiful and Long-lasting




The concepts of aesthetics and practicality seem to be contradicting and mutually exclusive. One of the major missions for modern designers is precisely to resolve this conflict. From Montreal, Canada, MARdiROS is a furniture design brand that strives to do just that. On their introductory page, they say, “MARdiROS strives to design both rational and timeless modern objects for everyday living.”



Among the limited number of MARdiROS merchandise, the three products, namely BRISTOL, FLEXI, and BUNGEE, gained the most attention. The BRISTOL candle holder is a great way to set the atmosphere of any dining table. It is arranged in tandem and can insert up to five candles. Although candle holders are not commonly used in Eastern society, for Europeans who are very particular about table decoration, BRISTOL not only lights up the room but also serves as a decorative art piece in the household.



As for “FLEXI”, it is an indoor hook that has an extremely simple appearance. If you look at it from the front, it will give you an illusion of a smooth two-dimensional piece, which I found visually interesting. FLEXI can be used to hang clothes and jackets, or simply as a decorative piece.



BUNGEE is definitely not a traditional piece of furniture. It utilizes the different threading on a birch wood board to organize and fix objects upon it. In the official demo, notebooks, pencils, earphones, and glasses cases are placed on the board. For people who are unorganized and always work in a chaotic environment, BUNGEE might actually solve their problems.