Connected by light



這盞小燈名為「Wesign」,We, Sign,即屬於我倆的標記。一套兩盞的小燈,透過無線網路連接,每盞小燈分為上下兩部份,一盞的上半部點亮時,另一盞的下半部也會同時被點亮。從很久以前,日本便有「單身赴任」的文化,丈夫獨自在別的城市工作,妻子則留在家裡,照顧在學的孩子或老邁的父母,周末時才踫上一面。也有一些戀人在大學時開始交往,畢業後因工作而各散東西。「Wesign」便是為了連繫這些在彼此生命裡扮演著重要角色的人而設的小燈,透過光線,讓使用者感受到對方存在於自己的生活裡。


10 o’clock at night, you are dragging your exhausted body home after a long day. Pushing the door open, the dim light behind the doorway tells you that he, being a thousand kilometers away, has also returned home safe. This little lamp is actually lit up by him a thousand kilometers away, as a message to tell you that he misses you even if you are physically apart.

This little lamp is called wesign that comes from “we, sign”. It is a signal used only between the two of us. wesign comes with two lamps that are connected by wireless network. Each lamp comprises of two parts. When the upper part of it is switched on, the lower part would also be lit up. Married couple living apart has always been a common practice in the Japanese culture — the husband stays alone in another city to work, while the wife remains in their hometown to take care of the children and the elderly parents; weekend is the only chance that they get to meet one another. Couples who start dating in university sometimes live in different cities upon graduation for the sake of job opportunities. wesign acts as a bridge to connect people with their significant other. When the light glows, people can be reminded of their importance in each other’s life.

Javasparrow, the company that designed and produced wesign, was founded by two young people from Japan. For now, the assembling of the products is done manually by these two founders. wesign is a product of modern technology — the transparent glass surface and the thin LED filament have given the lamp a sleek outlook. The most interesting part of the design is in fact the switch. Instead of using the trendy soft touch technology, the team decided to go for the most traditional analogue switch. When pushing the button, your finger can feel the actual touch of the material, your ears can hear the substantial click sound. Compared to email, handwritten letter can be a more truthful medium; similarly, compared to digital device, analogue device can as well be a more hearty medium that allows people to communicate their feeling better.