Primitive Life in Nature



近年的露營風氣盛行,連帶露營的裝備也愈來愈講究,不但要方便實用,更講求美觀度,日本家具品牌Yoka便是其中之一。品牌最大特色是以12mm的夾板,如砌積木般把家具組合出來,由於是最省位的flat pack設計,故十分方便攜帶,不論室內、室外都非常適合。系列於日本山形縣天童生產,採用針樹樹木製作出夾板,每一塊都有些不完整和不平滑的地方,散發一陣原始的味道。光是看著照片也能感受到一班人圍在桌子旁分享美食、聊天談心的喜悅。

The nights get cooler once autumn begins. This naturally tempts people to wander in the mountains or by the waters to fully embrace the comfortable autumn weather. There is no better way to immerse yourself in nature to fully experience a primitive way of living.

Along with the growing popularity of camping, people have become more sophisticated when it comes to picking the right camping gear. On one hand, the gears have to be practical and easy to use, on the other hand, aesthetics is still an important criterion that is not to be overlooked. The Japanese brand Yoka is one of the brands that provides this sort of camping supply. Their signature product is the 12 mm plywood that can be mixed and matched to build various furniture. Thanks to its flat pack design, this product is convenient to carry around and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The series is produced in Tendo of Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, using wood from pine trees. Every piece of the plywood is slightly flawed and rough, which in turn exudes a somehow primitive charisma. Looking at the pictures, it is not difficult to imagine how enjoyable it would be to gather around the table to share nice food and joy.