MiuMiu MMatching Colorstool_07

The Chairs Game



Walk around the chairs when the music starts, find a chair to sit in once the music stops. The game of musical chair is how human creativity can turn a piece of functional furniture into a joyful game.

MIU MIU早前在米蘭設計週與創意單位M/M PARIS合作,以2018秋冬時裝系列為靈感,創作出限量的特製傢具MIU MIU M/MATCHING COLORSTOOL,同樣是為人帶來歡樂、充滿想像力的椅子。M/M PARIS把充滿六十年代的懷舊氣息、反叛又甜美的時裝系列,化成一張張整齊地遍布著穿孔小洞的三腳椅,外型簡潔卻又帶點幽默俏皮。採用菩提樹木製作的椅子成為了揮灑創意的畫布,能隨意地加上12種顏色的巨型「火柴棒」作為裝飾;也能成為沒有規則的桌子遊戲,像一個有待解答的謎語或是互相博弈的遊戲,每張椅都是充滿個人特色、獨一無二的創作。正如Miuccia Prada所說:「與以往不同的是,我不再視時尚僅僅為自己的奇想,而是使它得以與他人互動、交流。」時裝系列如是,限量製作的椅子亦如是,是創作者與使用者的一場對話。

Miu Miu recently collaborated with the creative agency M/M (Paris) in designing the limited furniture project MIU MIU M/MATCHING COLORSTOOL. The playful and creative stool unveiled during this year’s Milan Design Week is inspired by Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2018 show. Taking elements from their F/W 2018 collection that has a strong resemblance to the rebellious yet sweet 60s, the brand has transformed fashion into the systematically punctured 3-legged stool. Arranging the 12-color over-sized “match-sticks” in your own creative way, the stool made of linden wood can be used as a canvas for expression; it can as well be a board game or a logic puzzle with logic and rules that you decide. Each stool can be customized and personalized into a unique existence. This playful attitude rightly reflects Miuccia Prada’s words saying, “The difference is that I have stopped seeing fashion as merely my personal fantasy; it is now, to me, a medium to interact and communicate with people.” Be it their fashion collection or the limited furniture project, everything is a dialogue between the creator and the users.

MIU MIU M/MATCHING COLORSTOOL早前在歐洲首間為孩童演出扯線木偶戲的劇院Teatro Gerolamo裡首度亮相,並以看似隨意卻又整齊地層層向上堆疊的方式展示,擴闊人們對劇場的想像。椅子上每一支火柴棒都是音符,為觀眾演奏著愉快又生動活潑的音樂劇。

The MIU MIU M/MATCHING COLORSTOOL made its debut on the stage of Teatro Gerolamo, the first marionette theatre for children in Europe. The stools were lined around the theatre and stacked up on stage, as if inviting viewers to open their imagination on the boundless potential of theatre. The “match-sticks” were dancing on the stools, singing to the audience the most beautiful and merry musical.