The waxed paper bag by Matsunoya

Please wash after use




I have washed this paper bag over and over again for countless times. I rely on it to pack some scones for my friends and get some tangerines from them. Be it a taro still covered with soil, glittering candies, a withered stick, or a bright red maple leaf, this very paper bag has never failed. Finally, it is now standing at peace on my desk, quietly protecting my paper clips and binder clips.

I thought my paper bag has already endured a lot, but it suddenly came to my mind how these bags were used for packaging fresh fishes in Japanese wet market in the old days. Those fishes must be dripping with sharp fins all sticking out; the bag, however, still did its job by firmly holding every drop of liquid in. On this second thought, I realized the “missions” I assigned to my bag are pretty much nothing.

The workshop that produces this waxed paper bag for Matsunoya was established more than 60 years ago. By coating the paper with wax, these bags become much more endurable. In the past, this kind of bags was used to package fish and vegetables, its function also extended to packaging rice, which was a perfect proof of its strength. A new waxed paper comes out shiny and smooth but when slightly crumpled up, the wrinkles will get clearly visible. These webs of wrinkle lines only add a lovely rustic touch to the bag.