Monotony can sometimes be a virtue




If a brand can use the same design for decades without boring its customers, there can only be two reasons. Either the design has been made a classic, or the design is very practical. These two reasons seem to be both applicable for explaining the popularity of the Trangia camping stove. The stove is famous for being user friendly and durable, while the product has not altered its design for over seventy years. In this world where everything is changing at such a fast pace, it can still sustain its high demand, the Trangia camping stove can surely be seen as a classic.



When founded in 1925, Trangia first started as a brand that specialized in manufacturing pots in aluminum. In the beginning, the brand only focussed on household pots. It was only until the 1930s did the brand start to launch their first camping set named no.24. Its design looks rather different from the Trangia camping stove that we know nowadays, as it misses both the classic windshield and the spirit burner.


In 1951, Trangia finally launched the famous stove named no.25. The set comes with a windshield, a kettle, a frypan, two saucepans, and a spirit burner. The gripper is detachable, so you can easily clip it on and off the frypan and saucepans. The no.25 series is most suitable for a group of three to four people cooking outdoors. Designed for campers, items of the stove set can be easily stacked together for easier storage. Bind all of the stove set items with the strap, then it is very convenient to carry them around for camping. A few years later in 1959, Trangia launched a smaller version of the stove set called no.27, which is designed for one to two people. The product has quickly become a beloved item for solo camper and couples.


Easy storage is not the only perk of the Trangia stove. Its windshields are another feature that has contributed to the reputation of the product. The windshields are made of high-quality aluminum. While the upper one is used for guarding the fire against the wind, the lower one with holes allows air to pass through. This system helps the spirit burner to perform most effectively. The lightweight aluminum material can ensure the seemingly bulky stove-set to remain light and easy to carry. The Trangia stove does not offer any complex mechanism, but it is precisely its simplicity that preserves its fame for over seventy years.