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Twinbird coffee maker



這一台榮獲2019年Good Design Award,並在近月風靡亞洲各國的Twinbird日本職人級全自動手沖咖啡機,就是一台包含磨豆功能,但沖煮時毫不馬虎,甚至是擁有咖啡職人加持的革命性咖啡機。

It wasn’t long ago when coffees made from coffee makers with built-in grinders were considered cheap and often of low quality. No one would really expect an exquisite taste, as the biggest role of those coffees was to supply us with a quick caffeine fix to acquire the very much needed energy boost in the morning. However, the image of coffee makers has enjoyed a revival in Japan thanks to the artisanship, which gave the product a luxurious facelift.

With the 2019 Good Design Award on its belt, the Japanese TWINBIRD automatic coffee maker has gained immense popularity across many countries in Asia in recent months. With an in-built grinder, TWINBIRD has taken the machine-brewing process to new professional height, delivering a cup of goodness that is even endorsed by professional coffee artisans.


Founded in Niigata in 1951, TWINBIRD is a well-known electrical appliance brand that has been providing households with minimal yet engaging designs for almost 70 years. This coffee machine in black color with a low-key matte surface can comfortably blend in your home setting. Certainly, just an appealing look alone would not be satisfactory enough for the demanding coffee-buffs. Therefore, the brand had invited Taguchi Mamoru, who is dubbed “the father of coffee” in Japan, to monitor the production of the machine.



The author of The Specialty coffee Encyclopedia and a series of other coffee-related titles, Taguchi is renowned for his scientific approach to teaching coffee roasting and brewing. Even the most particular coffee connoisseur can rest assured by this machine produced under the supervision of the coffee master. The coffee machine offers six brewing methods to imitate the actual hand dripping brewing method. With the help of the temperature control, you don’t need to fret about checking the thermometer to get the water temperature right again. No matter the beans are coming in light or dark roast, a cup is only a button away.



On top of the brewing options and adjustable water temperature, the grinder is actually a highlight of the machine too. Fans of pour-over coffee usually stress a lot about the functionalities of the beans grinder. The built-in conical burr grinder of Twinbrid can grind beans at low speed to avoid the generation of heat so that the aromas of the coffee beans can be fully retained. It doesn’t matter whether you are a coffee amateur, a veteran pour-over coffee veteran, or simply a coffee snob who wants to get lazy sometimes, this automatic coffee machine will have something to meet your needs.