Mesmerizing Scripts



Most offices are paperless these days. Whether it is a private corporation or a government bureau, everything is digitalized, making us less and less concerned about stationary. Truth to be told, old school stationary is much less efficient than computers and mobile phones. Yet, high quality stationary tells a completely different story. Imagine the smooth ink from a fountain pen gliding across fine paper forming delicate cursives. If you have had this experience, it is very difficult to let go of, and it is not something that tapping across the keyboard and scrolling down the screen can replace.

Journalize文簿具社,是香港一家開業於2014年的文具店,多年來主力販賣鋼筆和筆記本。而也許是只做販售做太膩了,日前他們就推出了自家設計的筆記本,使用日本巴川製紙所的52gsm巴川紙,紙質極其輕簿,書寫體驗滑順,但不容易令墨水透背和化開。得益完優異的紙材,寫完滿滿的一頁,看著自己的字體雖然醜醜的,字跡卻擁有亮麗的光澤和深淺變化,還是一件賞心悅目的事。至於封面方面也大有文章,使用的是英國Color Plan的270gsm硬卡紙,卡紙上有白色單線線條,勾勒出香港的地圖輪廓,還醒目地把店家LOGO壓在地圖上,標示出店家所在位置,是個低調又用心的設計,不過更厲害的還在後頭。

Journalize is a Hong Kong based stationary shop founded in 2014, specializing in fountain pens and notebooks. Perhaps the many years of retailing got them to launch their own brand of notebooks. They picked the incredibly thin and light 52gsm paper by Tomoegawa Paper Japan, creating an extraordinarily smooth writing experience yet prevents ink from bleeding. Even without the best penmanship, there is an odd satisfaction looking at a full page of writing glistening on this fine paper. As for the cover, they chose to use 270gsm card paper from Color Plan in England. On the cover, fine lines map out the shape of Hong Kong delicately with the shops logo subtlety and thoughtfully debossed on the map, indicating the location.


The brand also got Aoto Letterpress – the only letterpress-printing studio in Hong Kong – to produce the notebooks, using a 60 years old machine to bind, print, gold stamp, and then thread bound by hand. Just the cover alone took a village. The studio mixed the ink by hand and adjusted accordingly with every page, only such hard work and dedication yields the best harvest. Gold stamping and logo on the cover is not only mesmerizing to look at, one touch and you’re hooked. For anyone who uses notebooks, try this local brand. Although it’s branded as a fountain pen notebook, it is not a must to use a fountain pen. After all, the experience of writing on exquisite paper is unparalleled, writing on it with a ballpoint pen or pencil would look and feel just as magnificent.