Night, When Words Fade And Things Come Alive.

Aesop Sublime Replenishing Night Masque

《小王子》的作者Antoine de Saint-Exupery是一位飛行員,他熱愛飛行,成為了法國的空軍飛行員,在第二次世界大戰時對抗納粹德軍。他在1942年推出的著作《戰爭飛行員》中記錄了一次駕駛偵察機、飛往法國小鎮阿拉斯的真實故事。1940年5月德軍首次入侵法國,當時法國空軍只有50名偵察人員,Antoine是其中一位。在這次戰役裡,他的部隊有17名成員喪生,《戰爭飛行員》描寫了戰役中的奮鬥和悲痛的經歷。他在書中這樣描寫漫長的黑夜:



Antoine de Saint-Exupery was the author of the classic book “The Little Prince” (Le Petit Prince) and an aviator.  He was passionate in aviation and then joined the French Air Force during World War II to fight against the Nazi Germans.  In his another publication “Flight to Arras” (Pilote de Guerre) written in 1942, he recorded a true story of himself flying a reconnaissance plane to this French town of Arras.  In May 1940, German first invaded France, at the start of the war, there were only 50 reconnaissance crews and Antoine was one of them. In this battle, 17 members from his unit were sacrificed recklessly.  The book “Flight to Arras” describes all the struggles and sorrows of this terrifying Battle of France.  There is a line in the book he wrote about how he felt in a long, dark night : 

“Night, the beloved. Night, when words fade and things come alive.” — Flight to Arras 

When the night falls and darkness silently wraps around us, it is the time when the feelings from our heart become clear.  At night we settle our souls from a busy day, re-organize and prepare ourselves for the next morning.  While we take care of our souls, we need to take care of our skin as well.  

It is known that night time is the best time for our skin and body to repair, replenish and rejuvenate.  Therefore, Aesop developed their very first overnight masque.  Just apply a layer on your face before bed, the next day your skin will be well-nourished and hydrated, feeling soft and supple, with an evenly toned, brighter complexion.  Relish the softest touch of this masque from your fingertips to your face when you apply it.  This lightweight, gel-cream textured masque contains a generous dose of vitamins B, C, E and F, in concert with immediate and sustained hydrating and emollient ingredients such as sodium carrageenan, panthenol and squalane.  It is ideal for any skin type that happens to experience dullness, dehydration and fatigue which are caused by stress and pollution.  It also provides a long-lasting hydration boost that strengthens our skin’s barrier function and integrity.  

At the end of the day, pamper yourself with Aesop’s Sublime Replenishing Night Masque as your goodnight ritual.  Let this masque to support your skin to return to a soft and smooth, hydrated and balanced texture, and most importantly, give yourself a compliment to your well-lived body.