Paper Tasting

Yamamoto Paper 山本紙業

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比起日本滿街的百年老企業,山本紙業創立於上世紀70年代,是個相當年輕的品牌,而他們也不是一開始就負責生產,早年其實只是一家紙張批發商,但是在山本泰三成為新任總裁後,一改品牌作風,在2005年首度成為紙張的製造商,及後在2009年更購置老海德堡風車壓板凸版印刷機,既專注於製作紙張,也用心開發自家的紙張、文具商品,其中這款「Paper Tasting」試寫本商品,就頗能表現出品牌對造紙的認真態度。

You might not be aware of the fact that the two largest paper producing countries in the world are China and the United States; and it might even be a little surprising to learn that Japan, who has a relatively smaller country size and economic scale compared to China and the US, ranks third on the list. In terms of paper consumption, Japan is also one of the largest consumers in the world. The Japanese definitely have an enduring obsession with paper; for example, they insist on using cash, reading printed books, and hand-writing letters. Even the paper planner, which seems to have become obsolete in most parts of the world, is still very much sought after in Japan. The country’s persistent love affair with paper allows a number of small but highly skilled paper manufacturers, such as Yamamoto Paper, to thrive.

Compared with the handful of century-old enterprises in Japan, Yamamoto Paper, which was founded in the 1970s, is a fairly young brand. The company didn’t start off as a paper manufacturer, but rather, as a wholesaler. It was only when Taizo Yamamoto joined his family company as the CEO that Yamamoto Paper began to venture into new areas. In 2005, the company became a paper manufacturer for the very first time, and in 2009, they acquired a Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press machine and began to produce their own original paper items and stationery. “Paper Tasting” is one of their many thoughtful designs.

「Paper Tasting」是總裁山本泰三與朋友聊天時受啟發而製作的商品,他們說起日本有這麼多優勢的紙張,種類卻多得眼花繚亂,思考著如果有一款商品,能讓顧客可以一口氣嘗試幾款紙張,那該有多好。如是者,山本泰三就借用了「Tasting」的概念,推出了這一款「Paper Tasting」,讓客人可以像試嘗咖啡和紅酒,品嘗不同紙類的韻味。在官網上「Paper Tasting」總共有11款,每款又有3種紙類,即總共包含了33種不同紙類,而每個本子均有解釋不同紙類的名稱和特性,讓人們親自試寫之餘,也能從客觀資訊中了解自己對紙的要求。想像在一個愜意的夜晚,與三兩個朋友靜靜守在桌子上,用上各種鋼筆和墨水,測試筆尖在紙頁上的寫感,墨水在紙上渲染的效果,精神上的愉悅和滿足程度,就好比是一種盛宴,是專屬於文具愛好者的豪華體驗。

The concept of “Paper Tasting” was born from a conversation between Taizo Yamamoto and his friend. They wondered, with so many fine papers in Japan, is there a way that users can sample various types of paper in one go? Using the concept of wine and coffee tastings as inspiration, Taizo Yamamoto invented “Paper Tasting”, which is a collection of writing pads made of different kinds of papers. Users can sample through the various options to pick their favorite. There are 11 variations of “Paper Tasting” packages available on Yamamoto Paper’s official website. Each package comes with three different types of papers and there are altogether 33 options available for “tasting.” The package also contains a short description of the included papers, allowing users to learn the name and unique characteristics of the paper they are using. Imagine spending a relaxing night with your friends, everyone sitting quietly around a table, inking on different types of fine papers, looking for that perfect pairing of pen and paper. Pure pleasure and satisfaction. A luxurious experience exclusively for lovers of stationery.