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Brandon Celi

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如果你平日有留意英美媒體的出版物,想必都已經看過Bradon Celi的畫作,哪怕是匆匆一瞥,其筆觸下繽紛的用色,以及卡通化的人物造型,都會令你難以忘懷。

If you have been paying attention to English and American publications, you probably would have seen Brandon Celi’s editorial illustrations. Weird, colourful and crass, the themes are identifiable on first glance of Brandon’s work.

brandon celi02

這一位來自多倫多的插畫家Bradon Celi,長期與《VICE》、《Pitchfork》、《The New York Times》、《Bloomberg Businessweek》,《TIME》和《The Guardian》等媒體合作,是擁有相當知名度的插畫家,委託他作畫的廠商不計其數。然而這次不是要介紹他的畫作,倒是想談談他的雕塑作品。

Toronto-based illustrator Brandon is a long-time collaborator of VICE, Pitchfork, The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, TIME, The Guardian, and the like. The process of being set briefs by publications to create work from is an exercise Brandon has expanded over to fine art, sculpture and mural work.


明明已經在插畫界佔一席之地,Bradon Celi卻不滿足於現狀,近年積極往雕塑藝術發展。如像他畫作中盎然的歡快氣氛,其雕塑品仍然充滿多彩的風格,主題則是以各種消費品為對象,以變形的、歪歪斜斜的手捏風格,捏出牙膏和清潔用品、雪藏豬肉和能量飲料,等等每天逛超市時都會見到的生活品和食品。甚至是科技用品,像是iPod、iPad和智慧型手機,甚至近年才推出的AirPod,也成了Celi的雕塑題材。以消費品為創作題材,承襲了流行藝術的傳統,看著在這些日常根本不會多瞄一眼的日用品,被他的巧手捏成一個個雕塑品,既對觀眾與清費品的關係作出了提問,同時又是平易近人的,如像他的插畫般,欣賞時不需要門檻,是人見人愛的藝術品。

Pushing his process to include work conceptually closer to the artistic side of the spectrum, the results of Brandon’s sculptural exploration are considered elaborations of his previous work – but are still packed with the hilarity that mesmerised us in the first place. Miscellaneous toothpaste, cleaning products, frozen meat, energy drink, iPod, iPad, smartphones and AirPod, these are but elements of Brandon’s practice which centres on themes of consumption relating to material goods and electricity. Each of these works question how we react to these consumable goods but are also easily recognisable, visually digestible pieces of fine art, as are his adorable illustrations.