Insects: Models for Design

Marvelous designs beyond human imagination


21_21 DESIGN SIGHT將於7月19日起,舉辦名為「虫展 – デザインのお手本 – 」(中譯:蟲展:設計的範本)的展覽。是次展覽由平面設計師佐藤卓策劃、以昆蟲愛好者聞名的解剖學家養老孟司作監督,邀請了來自多個範疇的設計師、建築師、藝術家參與,以昆蟲作為設計原點,實踐各自的奇思妙想:孵化幼蟲的巢若化為建築的話會怎樣?收起翅膀的結構,若應用在機械人設計之上會怎樣?支撐著其小小身體的體架,可以成為甚麼設計的藍本?


Wandering in the woods, I cannot help feeling amazed by nature. Insects are one of my favorite things to observe; although I still find the slimy fat ones disgusting, their delicate body pattern and their intriguing movement still mesmerize me. Nature provides numerous wonders, the stick insects that look like a tree branch, the leaf insects that are the most remarkably camouflaged leaf mimics, the colorful ladybugs… Can these beautiful yet tiny creatures of the animal kingdom be an inspiration to artists?

Starting from 19 July, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT museum will host an exhibition titled Insects: Models for Design. The exhibition is jointly curated by the graphic designer Taku Satoh and Takeshi Yoro, an anatomist who is known for being an insect lover. The two has invited designers, architects and artists from various spectrum to actualize their extraordinary thoughts inspired by insects. How can we integrate the structure of the larva nest into architecture? Can we apply the mechanism of insects folding their wings into robot design? What kind of magic can the insects’ tiny skeletal systems cast on a design blueprint?

Insects came way before human beings. They have evolved into many different colors, features, structures and habits, which are beyond our imagination. In this exhibition, you will see the aesthetics that human creators learned from these incredible beings.