Sayaka Miyata

The aesthetics of failure



宮田彩加熱愛手工製作,對於電子衣車極為嫌惡,然而在她鑽研自己的創作風格時,還是為自己添了一台衣車,想不到就這樣創作出她最引人注目的一系列作品:「野菜Warp」。刺繡最惱人的是,細線糾纏在一起難捨難分,電子衣車雖只要加入電腦檔案,就能繡出完美的圖案,但檔案若有任何漏洞,圖案便會變得亂七八糟。這些錯誤叫創作人討厭,宮田彩加偏偏將之視為美,刻意在檔案中製造漏洞,改變衣車下針時的節奏, 一個個完整的蔬果,縫出來後四分五裂,而殘像也被細線編織出來。


Embroidery art is perhaps a rather obvious choice for Sayaka Miyata: Miyata’s grandmother was a patchwork artist, her mother is also into embroidery. Having a childhood surrounded by diversified patterns of colour, Miyata enjoyed drawing and colouring as a child. Going to Kyoto University of Art and Design to study dyeing and weaving appears to be a decision consistent with her upbringing.

During the fourth year in university, Sayaka Miyata’s interest in dyeing gradually developed into a personal project of creating a fabric with considerable weight. Regardless of how much dye she added to the fabric, it was light and ethereal all the same. Then she came up with the idea of using embroidery as a way to add weight to the fabric — the fabric becomes increasingly thick and heavy along with the layers and layers of thread ravelling. As the process takes time, the weight of the piece of fabric is similar to the weight of time in the process of embroidery; Miyata was overwhelmingly fascinated by the correlation, and began to engage herself in embroidery.

Although Miyata’s love for handicraft made her despise computerized sewing machine, still she bought one in her search of a unique style of design. This unexpected pick was the start of her most well known series of work called Vegetable Warp. The greatest challenge one has when making embroidery is to untangle knots of thread. With a computerized sewing machine, one can easily create a perfect pattern based on a digital file. The end product will however be completely messed up if there is any flaw in the digital file. Unlike most of the designers who are frustrated by errors, Miyata treasures errors and considers them beautiful. The intentional error she puts in the file, combining with her adjustment to the stitching speed, this is how Miyata manipulates usual images of fruits into deformed patterns of after image.

“Error: Failure is the best hatchery for new standard of value.” Sayaka Miyata’s motif of Vegetable Warp explains the intertwining and inseparable relationship among error, failure and beauty.